For many years, Janine Zissner has combined two essential components in her profession: cosmetics and medicine. Among other things, these two elements form her personal recipe for success, allowing her to enthuse her customers every day in her cosmetics studio Ästhetika Beauty Concepts
Karin Maier has been joyfully and proudly running her successful medical beauty institute in the centre of Stuttgart for many years. Her customers often leave the studio saying, “Once you’ve tried Belter, you never go back!” Her entrepreneurial autonomy is not just a profession; it is pure passion.
... Kosmetikpraxis Berit Becker-Hoffmann: "I find the body and the skin simply fascinating and starting my own business has allowed me to live out my passion for the skin’s health.”
At the age of 14, Carmen Sommario-Klenk was already dabbling in cosmetics, taking care of her own problem skin. After training as a beautician, she knew that wanted to go into business for herself.
Bettina Steingaß has not always been a beautician, but that only makes it all the more enjoyable now. AUSZEIT FÜR DIE SEELE (TIME OUT FOR THE SOUL) is her secret recipe under which she offers her customers luxurious treatments that continuously surprise them and keep them coming back for more.
For five years now, Josephine Thun and Sina Bauer have been the happy owners of the “Hautbewusst” cosmetics studio in Querum. That is when the two of them went into business for themselves, and they couldn’t be happier with their decision.