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Dr Belter greentec D40 radiance foundation No. 1
Foundation available in four shades allowing individual coverage with a velvety finish – minimizes small blemishes and fine lines.
Dr Belter greentec make-up D45 definition concealer No.1 & 2
Concealer in two different shades to cover dark circles and minor blemishes, perfume-free – with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E.
Dr Belter greentec make-up D50 velvet powder ivory
Fine, natural compact powder in three shades with a matte finish and light coverage – with volcanic minerals and vitamin E.
Dr Belter greentec make-up D55 feel good blush
Soft blush in two natural nuances with volcano minerals refreshes the complexion and enhances the contour – with included brush.
Dr Belter greentec D01 lash perfector mascara - onyx black
Deep black, velvety mascara with Xtracurl brush for maximum lash contact for a defined look and voluminous and curled lashes.
Dr Belter greentec make-up D05 eye brow definer
Brow pencil with a powdery texture for full and defined brows including a small brush for a natural finish – available in two shades.
Dr Belter greentec make-up D10 eye definer
Eye liner for a defined look and stunning smokey eyes thanks to the integrated blending brush – available in four different shades.
Dr Belter greentec make-up D19 24/7 liquid liner choco chique
Liquid eye liner in the shade choco chique for a perfect, long-lasting liner look or to fill in the brows – waterproof formula.
Dr Belter greentec make-up D20a satin glow shadow
Eye shadows made of volcanic minerals available in 12 different shades with a sustainable refill concept for maximum individuality.
Dr Belter greentec make-up D60 24/7 liquid liner-lip
Perfect lips – liquid liner for a precise lip contour that lasts the whole day and night available in four different shades.
Dr Belter greentec make-up D71 lip definer
Lip liner for emphazised, luscious lips and a long-lasting look available in six sensual shades with a slanted tip for precision.
Dr Belter greentec make-up D90 glossy lip finish
Nourishing lip gloss für irresistable shine and supple, full lips available in three shades – with carnauba wax and nourishing oils.