[safe and effective sun care ]

[safe and effective sun care]

Having fun in the sun and enjoying the outdoors in the summertime, without skin irritation and paying the price of accelerated skin aging is the challenge for high grade cosmetic products. DR.BELTER® COSMETIC makes a clear statement: All intensive sun radiation represents extreme stress for the human skin and can lead to irreparable damage.

The new DR.BELTER® »sun« – care products have been developed on the basis of the latest scientific knowledge. The Sun Protection products for sensitive skin are free of mineral oil, colorants and fragrance. The dual protection system uses proven UVA & UVB filters and biological cell protection complexes to ensure safety and anti-aging properties. Sumptuous After Sun products soothe, rehydrate and offer the skin precious, natural actives which promote cellular repair and regeneration. The skin develops a healthy and even sun-kissed tan.

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Dr Belter sun 816 sun protection SPF 20
Pure-white protection emulsion.
Dr Belter sun 817 sun protection SPF 30
Pure-white protection emulsion.
Dr Belter sun 818 sun protection SPF 50+
Pure-white protection emulsion.
Dr Belter sun 814 after sun face treatment
White semi-liquid After Sun treatment concentrate for facial application.
Dr Belter sun 815 after sun advanced body treatment
White, nourishing After Sun body lotion; O/W emulsion type.
Dr Belter sun 821 sun protection face elixir SPF 30
Pure white sun protection elixir for the face.
Dr Belter sun 819 self-tanning mousse
Self-tanning foam.
Dr Belter sun 819S self-tanning mousse-set
Luftig-weicher Selbstbräuner Schaum mit Meerjungfrauenpinsel im Organzabeutel und im Set