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Counter the signs of the passage of time!

Our skincare requirements are different at each stage of life. When the skin becomes noticeably drier, the first pigment spots appear and lines become wrinkles, it is time to use anti-ageing preparations. Here you will find the right skincare product to counteract the visible signs of ageing skin in a targeted and effective way.

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Dr Belter stimula 305 bioresource 24
This exceptionally rich 24-hour cream is formulated to stimulate skin regeneration and to balance out deficits caused by the slow-down of the metabolism. BIORESOURCE 24 anti-age nourishing cream restores the skin’s balance through the...
Dr Belter intensa 536 ampulle No 8 vino therapy-OPC
Grape extract, OPC and red vine leaf extract are the exquisite actives of this concentrate, which enhances blood circulation in the capillary vessels and improves nutrient supply to counteract skin aging.
Dr Belter intensa 531 ampulle No 11 caviar oligomer
In this extraordinary ampoule, a caviar extract – as a source of all biomolecules life needs mucopolysaccharides, algae extract and pearl extracts are incorporated to form a “life elixir“ for the skin.
Dr Belter intensa 509 ampulle No.5 sleeping beauty
Just like a long, recovering beauty sleep, this concentrate actively stimulates regeneration processes using a special combination of biological expert ingredients, such as ceramide complex, cell renewal factors and Oxylastil TM .
Dr Belter intensa 537 ampulle No 2 Hy-O-Silk
The combination of skin-identical moisture retaining factors, exceptionally calming plant extracts and a transparent silk protection film make this fresh formula a spring of wellbeing for strained, moisture-lacking skin. Innovative...
Dr Belter intensa 507 ampulle No.3 vitamin ginseng
All skin functions are activated, including and increased circulation. Natural oils enriched with vitamins ensure instantly silky soft skin.
Dr Belter intensa 534 ampulle No 14 physio-energy
Energy is the driving force of your body and skin. This special invigorating physiological formula with mucopolysaccharides, Vitamin C and E, beta-glucan and lactocines ensures a healthily functioning and smooth looking skin.
Dr Belter intensa 533 ampulle No 13 lifting essence
Your client is facing a special event to come - and wants to look fresh and youthful? Then this tautening and firming ampoule preparation is exactly the right choice. Instantly after application you will be astonished about the result.
Dr Belter intensa 538 ampulle No 15 vivacell-grenadine
This concentrate uses unique plant actives to enhance the skin’s vital potential and radiance. Pomegranate seed extract develops its protective and regenerative properties. Phyto stem cells from apples and grapes promote skin cell...
Dr Belter intensa 723 ampulle No.16 hyaluronic factor 5
In this quick-lift ampoule, hyaluronic acid as an endogenous moisture-binding substance develops fivefold effects. Different types of the molecule are supplied to plump up wrinkles and erase shadows, while the plant extract Alpinia...
Dr.Belter – 560 – intensa – multibenefit No.0 – mit Deko
Multibenefit CB is a multifunctional color balm with SPF 15, natural moisturizing factors, precious biological lipids and selected anti-aging actives, such as alpinia galanga, baobab-hibiscus-complex and hyaluronic acid. It offers...
Dr Belter intensa 561 multibenefit CB colour balm 15 / Nº1
Der multifunktionale Colour Balm pflegt die Haut mit natürlichen Feuchtigkeitsfaktoren, kostbaren Biolipiden und ausgesuchten anti-aging Wirkstoffen. Bestmöglichen Schutz erreicht es mit Lichtschutzfaktor 15, Vitaminen und dem...
Dr Belter intensa 562 multibenefit CB colour balm 15 / Nº2
Der multifunktionale Colour Balm pflegt die Haut mit natürlichen Feuchtigkeitsfaktoren, kostbaren Biolipiden und ausgesuchten anti-aging Wirkstoffen. Bestmöglichen Schutz erreicht es mit Lichtschutzfaktor 15, Vitaminen und dem...
Dr Belter Bel-Energen 765 daydream reinigungsschaum
This soft, soap-free foam frees the skin effortlessly and gently from make-up and dirt particles. Even during the cleansing process, the skin comes into contact with precious plant extracts such as grape extract, phyto-peptides and...
Dr Belter Bel-Energen 772 daydream erfrischungstonikum
This soothing tonic refreshes the skin with a delicate moisturizing mist that contains caring phyto-actives from grapes, horsetail and yarrow. Used with a cosmetic tissue as a pH-balancing toner, it complements the cleansing process in...
Dr Belter Bel-Energen 755 phyto-sensation / anti-aging cream
This intensive re-plumping care uses a special composition of isoflavones, hops and soy extract to counteract the loss of dermal substances in the deep layers of the skin. Additional anti-aging factors such as time release spheres loaded...
Dr Belter sensi-bel 358 Couperosis Serum
Soothing phyto-concentrate for skin with a tendency towards redness and fragile capillaries. It develops a pleasant calming effect, fortifies fragile vessels while protecting the skin from environmental damage and premature aging.
Dr Belter Bel-Energen 762 dermo-relax serum
This ultra-light, moisturizing serum uses a patented biotech peptide composed of natural amino acids to develop a relaxing effect on the muscles of mimic expression. Used regularly underneath the daily cream, it progressively minimizes...
Dr.Belter – Bel-Energen – 764 – Eye Lift Complex – mit Deko
This lifting eye cream pampers the eye area with moisture and puffiness-diminishing peptides such as Gemmodrain ® . The specific formula with organic euphrasia and light-reflecting pigments enhances skin elasticity, smoothness and shows...
Dr Belter Bel-Energen 773 caviar arctica balance serum
In this moisturizing serum, marine actives, Antarctic complexes, pearl extract and Belisome ® AP offer their advanced benefits to the skin. Applied underneath the daily cream, the formula targets the revitalization of skin cell...
Dr Belter Bel-Energen 775 lumination secret elixir
This concentrate is formulated to control hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. An efficient combination of skin lightening and anti-aging ingredients protects against the harmful effects of the sun and environmental damage, creating a...
Dr Belter Bel-Energen 774 lumination secret / radiance performance cream 30
This intensive whitening cream is developed to control hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. The efficient formula with a plant derived brightening complex, nutgrass extract and Belisome ® AP combines skin brightening and anti-aging...
Dr Belter Bel-Energen 770 expertise 30 concetra pen
This gel concentrate uses hyaluronic acid, Argireline ® und Belisome ® AP to target fine lines and wrinkles and minimize their appearance. Using the stainless steel roll-on applicator you can work precisely and gently massage the eye area.
Dr Belter stimula 301 nobless/ cleansing milk
NOBLESS Cleansing Milk is a gentle cleansing emulsion pleasantly mild to the skin. It combines thorough cleansing properties and precious ingredients providing an exquisite experience of freshness.
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