Serums & Concentrates

[Indispensable daily boost ]

Is a daily top-notch boost necessary?

There are situations and times when the skin longs for a special cocktail of active ingredients tailored to your condition to bolster your skincare.

Whether applied as a gel-like serum under your skin cream to provide a boost or as a milky elixir, active ingredient concentrates ensure deep penetration and optimum effectiveness.

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Dr Belter intensa 704 moisturizing gel
A crystal-clear, oil-free gel, suitable as a moisturizer for all skin types. Applied under the respective cream it conveys moisture to the deeper layers of the skin, improves and retains elasticity and cell turgor through the highly...
Dr Belter bioclassica 219 aquasilk serum
This hydro-active serum ensures visibly refreshed and smooth skin. It is applied as a booster underneath the skin type appropriate cream or make-up.
Dr Belter Bel-Energen 761 phyto-sensation elixir
This elite re-plumping concentrate uses a special composition of isoflavones, hops and soy extract to counteract the loss of dermal substances in the deep layers of the skin. It helps the skin regain its tone and diminishes wrinkle...
Dr Belter Bel-Energen 762 dermo-relax serum
This ultra-light, moisturizing serum uses a patented biotech peptide composed of natural amino acids to develop a relaxing effect on the muscles of mimic expression. Used regularly underneath the daily cream, it progressively minimizes...
Dr Belter Bel-Energen 773 caviar arctica balance serum
In this moisturizing serum, marine actives, Antarctic complexes, pearl extract and Belisome ® AP offer their advanced benefits to the skin. Applied underneath the daily cream, the formula targets the revitalization of skin cell...
Dr Belter Bel-Energen 775 lumination secret elixir
This concentrate is formulated to control hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. An efficient combination of skin lightening and anti-aging ingredients protects against the harmful effects of the sun and environmental damage, creating a...
Dr Belter stimula 308 vivacell glow serum
This multiactive serum uses the highly innovative Belisome ® Aqua to boost cellular hydration. Expert anti-aging actives develop a strongly revitalizing spectrum of benefits leaving the skin taut and fresh. A fine dose of glow pigments...
Dr Belter stimula 309 bioresource elixir
This concentrated, rich fluid provides the extraordinary caring properties of a top selection of natural lipids to very dry and demanding skin. An advanced combination of expert actives is employed to visibly diminish the signs of aging.
Dr Belter stimula 310 oleoSerum
The sumptuous oleo gel nourishes very dry skin with a selection of precious oils and lipidic extracts. Top anti-aging actives unfold their advanced physiological effects on the skin.
Dr Belter sensi-bel 358 Couperosis Serum
Soothing phyto-concentrate for skin with a tendency towards redness and fragile capillaries. It develops a pleasant calming effect, fortifies fragile vessels while protecting the skin from environmental damage and premature aging.
Dr.Belter 527 Linie A Clarity Concentrate - mit Deko
Line »A« Clarity Concentrate is a powerful 2-phase fluid against pustules and impurities. Inflammatory processes are consequently dried up, disinfected and soothed immediately.
Dr Belter LinieA 526 clarity duo
The Line »A«Clarity Duo is an effective treatment for clearing and covering dermal impurities. It offers the possibility to treat skin with sporadic blemishes and otherwise undisturbed skin profile without great expenditure.
Dr Belter intensa 746 Derm-A-ReNew AHA Fluid 10%
A light emulsion with a special composition of fruit acids. Used regularly, it promotes dermal regeneration which leads to a refined pore profile and helps diminishing the appearance of undesired pigmentation and wrinkles. Also suitable...
Dr Belter intensa 747 Derm-A-ReNew AHA OleoSerum 10%
A serum with oleogel texture and a special composition of fruit acids. Used regularly, it promotes dermal regeneration which leads to a refined pore profile and helps diminishing the appearance of undesired pigmentation and wrinkles....
Dr Belter intensa 781 med silver spray
This micro-emulsion for face and body is designed to soothe hypersensitive and stressed skin in. It is a source of relief for irritated skin. Exclusively natural active ingredients contribute to calming and protecting the skin.
Dr.Belter – 871 – »intensa®-med« DermoTec Hyaluronic 3D – with deco
A hydro-boost preparation with cross-linked hyaluronic acid for maximum skin turgor.
Dr.Belter – 872 – »intensa®-med« DermoTec Hyaluronic Radiance – with deco
A radiance boost with HA-alpha linolenic complex for an even complexion without pigmentation marks.
Dr.Belter – 873 – »intensa®-med« DermoTec Hyaluronic anti-aging – with deco
A collagen boost with LiftoninExpert® for more skin density and firmness.