Skin Care & Oncology

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Skin Care & Oncology

Look beautiful and feel comfortable in your own body. Proper skincare is especially important during cancer treatment. It is good for the soul but also contributes to the relief of irritated and reddened skin.

After radiation or chemotherapy, the skin tends to be particularly hypersensitive and reactive as the immune system is weakened and the skin’s protective barrier has been disrupted.

The skin can feel unpleasantly tight, itchy or tingly. Furthermore, the formation of pigment spots may be more and more likely, and the skin will generally become more sensitive to light and the sun.

DR.BELTER® also offers special skincare preparations that are specifically tailored to this skin condition and can thus help to create a feeling of well-being.

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Dr Belter sensi-bel 351 delicate cleanser
The first step toward calming soft, oversensitive skin impaired in its natural resistance. This naturally coloured, oil-free gel is gentle and mild, but thorough in its cleansing properties. It contains no soap and ensures skin calming...
Dr Belter sensi-bel 352 delicate tonic
The gentles version of a facial tonic. Refreshing and stabilizing, normalizing the pH-value of the skin, calming and protecting, this honey-coloured, mild, refreshing tonic - naturally without alcohol – reduces skin irritations and makes...
Dr Belter sensi-bel 353 delicate day
A unique, feather-light beauty fluid for the day or 24-hour skin care. Based on precious ingredients of the purest quality and mainly identical to the skin's natural properties, this superb fluid enriches the skin with moisture, calms,...
Dr Belter sensi-bel 354 delicate night
A unique, soft and enriched beauty fluid for the night or 24-hour skin care. This special care provides the skin with oils to develop a natural protective barrier, recreating a perfect skin balance and helping against premature wrinkle...
Dr Belter intensa 781 med silver spray
This micro-emulsion for face and body is designed to soothe hypersensitive and stressed skin in. It is a source of relief for irritated skin. Exclusively natural active ingredients contribute to calming and protecting the skin.
Dr Belter intensa 782 med face body lotion
This skin-identical, patented product is formulated to soothe hypersensitive skin and help restoring its lipid barrier functions. Exclusively natural active ingredients are used to calm and protect irritated skin.
Dr Belter ocula 401 eye make-up remover lotion
This oil-free, fresh liquid lotion removes eye make-up instantly and thoroughly. Its gentle, calming formula is particularly suitable for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers.
Dr Belter ocula 0408 make-up entferner duo
This product fuses the natural cleansing force of water and oil into one product. It dissolves waterproof mascara thoroughly and gently. The bi-phase formula removes even heavy make-up and dark colored lipsticks effortlessly. Soothing...
Dr Belter ocula 404 biomimetic augencreme
Eye treatment with highly concentrated, pure, mostly skin-identical ingredients. The biomimetic formula on DLS basis is free from perfume and colorants and offers the sensitive eye area soothing extracts, protection and comfort. Pure...
Dr Belter ocula 405 nutritiv augenbalsam
A regenerating, water-free eye treatment to prevent dryness around the sensitive eye area during the night. The natural oil components such as squalene, jojoba, wheat germ, calendula and carrot extract, ensure silky smooth skin and...
Dr.Belter – intensa – 560 – Multibenefit CB colour balm 30 Nº0 – mit Deko
The Multibenefit CB is a multifunctional color balm with SPF 30, natural moisturizing factors, precious biological lipids and selected anti-aging actives, such as alpinia galanga, baobab-hibiscus-complex and hyaluronic acid. It offers...
Dr Belter intensa 561 multibenefit CB colour balm 15 / Nº1
Der multifunktionale Colour Balm pflegt die Haut mit natürlichen Feuchtigkeitsfaktoren, kostbaren Biolipiden und ausgesuchten anti-aging Wirkstoffen. Bestmöglichen Schutz erreicht es mit Lichtschutzfaktor 15, Vitaminen und dem...
Dr Belter intensa 562 multibenefit CB colour balm 15 / Nº2
Der multifunktionale Colour Balm pflegt die Haut mit natürlichen Feuchtigkeitsfaktoren, kostbaren Biolipiden und ausgesuchten anti-aging Wirkstoffen. Bestmöglichen Schutz erreicht es mit Lichtschutzfaktor 15, Vitaminen und dem...
Dr Belter intensa 051 special gentle mask
Bei irritierter Haut wirkt diese Crèmepackung mit natürlichem Beruhigungskomplex sofort wohltuend lindernd. Sie versorgt die Haut mit Feuchtigkeit und ausgesuchten Phytoextrakten aus Süßholzwurzel, sowie Lindenblüte und Rooibos aus...
Dr Belter intensa 505 ampulle No.1 ginkgo biloba
For thousands of years, the ginkgo biloba tree has been an acclaimed source of fortifying and stabilizing extracts for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. In addition to the many benefits of the natural plant extracts in this ampoule, the...
Dr Belter intensa 509 ampulle No.5 sleeping beauty
Just like a long, recovering beauty sleep, this concentrate actively stimulates regeneration processes using a special combination of biological expert ingredients, such as ceramide complex, cell renewal factors and Oxylastil TM .
Dr Belter intensa 510 ampulle No.6 anti-irritation
The wonderfully calming effect is due to the oil-rich extract of rose of Sharon, aloe vera, chamomile and carrot. The pure oil-rich ampoule soothes irritation and calms reddened, nervous skin.
Dr Belter intensa 511 ampulle No.7 aloe vera concentrate
The calming, protective and balanced properties of the “lily of the dessert” extract are captured in this product to pamper and benefit particularly tender, sensitive or damaged skin.
Dr Belter intensa 723 ampulle No.16 hyaluronic factor 5
In this quick-lift ampoule, hyaluronic acid as an endogenous moisture-binding substance develops fivefold effects. Different types of the molecule are supplied to plump up wrinkles and erase shadows, while the plant extract Alpinia...