[Ultra-Sensitive ]


Hypersensitive skin results from an imbalance in skin functions. Due to a weakened defence system, it easily shows symptoms as irritation, redness (erythema), tension or itchiness.

Hypersensitive skin can have many different causes: stress, environmental factors, diseases, such as a tendency of neurodermatitis and unsuitable skin care can all trigger overreactions in our skin.

Hypersensitivity is by no means limited to a specific skin type. In general, however, fair-skinned people with thin, dry skin and blond or reddish hair are especially affected. Furthermore, temporary circumstances, such as an oncological treatment, a post-surgery phase or certain intense cosmetic treatments can make the skin more vulnerable and sensitive.

„Capricious“ skin definitely affects our sense of well-being. That is why this skin type demands special consideration for skin care.

The following DR.BELTER® COSMETIC products are specifically designed to soothe and improve the condition of sensitive skin.

The products are especially effective as:

  • the patented biomimetic formula basis – restores the lipid barrier
  • they are mostly free of perfume and colorants
  • selected plant extracts calm and strengthen the skin
  • they are free of preservatives according to the EU cosmetics directive


The three new intensa®-med DermoTec concentrates are aimed at different needs and skin conditions. All our preparations are tested in cooperation with German equipment manufacturers.

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Dr Belter intensa 781 med silver spray
Concentrated micro-emulsion spray with microsilver for calming irritated skin.
Dr Belter intensa 782 med face body lotion
Intensely soothing, rich lotion for body and face.
Dr Belter intensa med 871 dermotec hyaluronic 3D
Soothing, moisturizing Hydro-Boost preparation with crosslinked hyaluronic acid for maximum skin turgor. For professionals & at home.
Dr Belter intensa med 872 dermotec concentrate hyaluronic | radiance
A radiance boost with HA-alpha linolenic complex for an even complexion without pigmentation marks.
Dr Belter intensa 871-872-873 med dermo tec concentrate trio
A collagen boost with LiftoninExpert® for more skin density and firmness.