[Superheroes for your beauty ]

A special kick

Active ingredient ampoules are the superheroes of cosmetics. DR.BELTER® ampoules purposefully target the skin to create a depot of active ingredients in it, providing the skin with long-lasting radiant beauty. Whether as a highlight before an event or as a spa treatment, an ampoule is always the right choice to achieve maximum results.

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Dr Belter intensa 505 ampulle No.1 ginkgo biloba
For thousands of years, the ginkgo biloba tree has been an acclaimed source of fortifying and stabilizing extracts for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. In addition to the many benefits of the natural plant extracts in this ampoule, the...
Dr Belter intensa 537 ampulle No 2 Hy-O-Silk
The combination of skin-identical moisture retaining factors, exceptionally calming plant extracts and a transparent silk protection film make this fresh formula a spring of wellbeing for strained, moisture-lacking skin. Innovative...
Dr Belter intensa 507 ampulle No.3 vitamin ginseng
All skin functions are activated, including and increased circulation. Natural oils enriched with vitamins ensure instantly silky soft skin.
Dr Belter intensa 508 ampulle No.4 sea algae extract
Marine extracts like algae contain a multitude of highly effective actives. A wide variety of those is captured in this ampoule to ensure maximum benefits for the skin.
Dr Belter intensa 509 ampulle No.5 sleeping beauty
Just like a long, recovering beauty sleep, this concentrate actively stimulates regeneration processes using a special combination of biological expert ingredients, such as ceramide complex, cell renewal factors and Oxylastil TM .
Dr Belter intensa 510 ampulle No.6 anti-irritation
The wonderfully calming effect is due to the oil-rich extract of rose of Sharon, aloe vera, chamomile and carrot. The pure oil-rich ampoule soothes irritation and calms reddened, nervous skin.
Dr Belter intensa 511 ampulle No.7 aloe vera concentrate
The calming, protective and balanced properties of the “lily of the dessert” extract are captured in this product to pamper and benefit particularly tender, sensitive or damaged skin.
Dr Belter intensa 536 ampulle No 8 vino therapy-OPC
Grape extract, OPC and red vine leaf extract are the exquisite actives of this concentrate, which enhances blood circulation in the capillary vessels and improves nutrient supply to counteract skin aging.
Dr Belter intensa 513 ampulle No.9 adstringent
Damaged capillaries and oily skin with large pores benefit particularly from a treatment with this special ampoule, containing plant tanning extract.
Dr Belter intensa 531 ampulle No 11 caviar oligomer
In this extraordinary ampoule, a caviar extract – as a source of all biomolecules life needs mucopolysaccharides, algae extract and pearl extracts are incorporated to form a “life elixir“ for the skin.
Dr Belter intensa 539 ampulle No 12 BioDynamic
This serum concentrate combines hydration factors and collagen boosters with cell dynamic regeneration actives for enhanced contour and skin firmness.
Dr Belter intensa 533 ampulle No 13 lifting essence
Your client is facing a special event to come - and wants to look fresh and youthful? Then this tautening and firming ampoule preparation is exactly the right choice. Instantly after application you will be astonished about the result.
Dr Belter intensa 534 ampulle No 14 physio-energy
Energy is the driving force of your body and skin. This special invigorating physiological formula with mucopolysaccharides, Vitamin C and E, beta-glucan and lactocines ensures a healthily functioning and smooth looking skin.
Dr Belter intensa 538 ampulle No 15 vivacell-grenadine
This concentrate uses unique plant actives to enhance the skin’s vital potential and radiance. Pomegranate seed extract develops its protective and regenerative properties. Phyto stem cells from apples and grapes promote skin cell...
Dr Belter intensa 723 ampulle No.16 hyaluronic factor 5
In this quick-lift ampoule, hyaluronic acid as an endogenous moisture-binding substance develops fivefold effects. Different types of the molecule are supplied to plump up wrinkles and erase shadows, while the plant extract Alpinia...
Dr.Belter – 871 – »intensa®-med« DermoTec Hyaluronic 3D – with deco
A hydro-boost preparation with cross-linked hyaluronic acid for maximum skin turgor.
Dr.Belter – 872 – »intensa®-med« DermoTec Hyaluronic Radiance – with deco
A radiance boost with HA-alpha linolenic complex for an even complexion without pigmentation marks.
Dr.Belter – 873 – »intensa®-med« DermoTec Hyaluronic anti-aging – with deco
A collagen boost with LiftoninExpert® for more skin density and firmness.