[Body Care & Contouring ]

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Dr Belter samtea 613 seasalt & sugar scrub peeling
Balmy body scrub with sea salt and cane sugar crystals.
Dr Belter samtea 614 lotus dusch & bade gel
Orange-colored, soap-free shower and bath gel.
Dr Belter samtea 615 dusch & badeöl
Soap-free cleansing oil.
Dr Belter samtea 616 bio-satin body lotion
Slightly perfumed, light body emulsion.
Dr Belter samtea 617 vitamin-pflegeöl
Skin care and massage oil.
Dr Belter samtea 618 thermo kontur-komplex
Cream gel with circulation stimulating effect.
Dr Belter samtea 619 perfect recovery bodycream
Regeneration treatment cream for the body.
Dr Belter samtea 611 peeling handschuh
Exfoliation glove made from 70 % viscose and 30 % acetate for the body.
Dr Belter samtea 661 citrus fresh Fussbalsam
Super fresh, invigorating foot balm.
Dr Belter samtea 662 chlorophyll active Fussbalsam
Firming and regenerating foot balm. Designed for athletes and feet with excessive perspiration.
Dr Belter samtea 663 sensitive silver Fussbalsam
Soft, nourishing foot balm for sensitive and diabetic feet.
Dr Belter samtea 664 hornhaut balance balm
Nourishing foot balm which reduces cornification.
Dr Belter samtea 676 callus control intensivcrème
Intense foot cream for local application to reduce the corneal layer of the skin and calluses.
Dr Belter samtea 670 diabetic plus pflegeschaum
Soft, nourishing foot care mousse for sensitive, strained diabetic feet.
Dr Belter samtea 677 bio vital fuss deo
Cooling, anti-bacterial foot deodorant spray which counteracts perspiration and unpleasant foot odor.
Dr Belter samtea-medi-feet G005 hello happy feet citrus fresh set
Hello happy feet! DR.BELTER®️ Citrus Fresh foot care set with manicure wooden stick.
Dr Belter samtea medi feet G006 hello happy feet aqua spa set
Hello happy feet! DR.BELTER®️ foot care set with nail file and »samtea®️« medi-feet [Aqua SPA] foot care mousse