Eye Contour Care

[Me, myself and eye ]

Radiant eyes are captivating!

One more reason to do your best to preserve their beauty and well-being.

The eye contour is the most anatomically sensitive part of the skin, as well as being under the most stress due to movements. Here you can find effective skincare products that take into account the unique needs of the sensitive eye area.

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Dr Belter ocula 401 eye make-up remover lotion
This oil-free, fresh liquid lotion removes eye make-up instantly and thoroughly. Its gentle, calming formula is particularly suitable for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers.
Dr Belter ocula 0408 make-up entferner duo
This product fuses the natural cleansing force of water and oil into one product. It dissolves waterproof mascara thoroughly and gently. The bi-phase formula removes even heavy make-up and dark colored lipsticks effortlessly. Soothing...
Dr Belter ocula 404 biomimetic augencreme
Eye treatment with highly concentrated, pure, mostly skin-identical ingredients. The biomimetic formula on DLS basis is free from perfume and colorants and offers the sensitive eye area soothing extracts, protection and comfort. Pure...
Dr Belter ocula 407 multiactive augenkontur serum
This eye contouring gel formula instantly reduces signs of fatigue. Plant extracts, natural moisture boosters and peptide actives develop a strong anti-wrinkle effect while diminishing puffiness. The unique LC-micro vesicle technology...
Dr Belter ocula 405 nutritiv augenbalsam
A regenerating, water-free eye treatment to prevent dryness around the sensitive eye area during the night. The natural oil components such as squalene, jojoba, wheat germ, calendula and carrot extract, ensure silky smooth skin and...
Dr Belter ocula 410 sensitive eye lift essence HA+
Exclusive eye mask developed for weekly support of the eye care and for special occasions. Includes: Sensitive Eye Lift Essence HA+ Collagen patches (10 x 2 pcs.)
Dr.Belter – Bel-Energen – 764 – Eye Lift Complex – with deco
This lifting eye cream pampers the eye area with moisture and puffiness-diminishing peptides such as Gemmodrain ® . The specific formula with organic euphrasia and light-reflecting pigments enhances skin elasticity, smoothness and shows...
Dr.Belter – stimula – 312 – BIODYNAMIC eye contouring cream – mit Deko 3
Rich, regenerating eye care for demanding skin. Smoothing peptides, hyaluronic acid and Liftonin ® -Xpress develop their anti-wrinkle effect. The skin looks firmer, plumper and more radiant. Discover a re-defined eye contour and a unique...
Dr Belter MAN 853 eye expert
Plant power and advanced cosmetic technology unite in this bioactive care product for the eye area. It supplies the skin with moisture and potent active complexes. The specific formula achieves a reduction of puffiness and is designed to...