[Specialities ]


The »intensa®« care series encompasses intensive products, suitable either for all skin types, or to address particular beauty issues or special skin situations for occasional application. The application spectrum addresses individual skin deficiencies, effectively supporting the natural beauty of the skin and its youthful radiance.

»intensa®« Specialities – Active beauty treatment at DR.BELTER® COSMETIC this means taking an individual approach to the special needs of the skin with the help of special preparations, highly concentrated effective substances.

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Dr Belter intensa 701 lippenbalsam
Vanilla-scented balm for smooth, irresistible lips.
Dr Belter intensa 703 hals- decolleté crème
Special care emulsion with feminine, fresh floral scent for the neck and bust area.
Dr Belter intensa 704 moisturizing gel
A special, deeply moisturizing gel, transparent and oil-free.
Dr Belter intensa 724 ultima lip care
Exclusive 360˚ lip care all-in-one product.
Dr.Belter – intensa – 560 – Multibenefit CB colour balm 30 No.0 – mit Deko
Tinted moisturizer with SPF 15, available in 3 different shades.
Dr Belter intensa 561 multibenefit CB colour balm 15 / Nº1
Getöntes Tagespflegeprodukt Nummer 1. Farbton mittel und SPF 15 Schutzwirkung kaufen
Dr Belter intensa 562 multibenefit CB colour balm 15 / Nº2
Getöntes Tagespflegeprodukt Nummer 2. Der Farbton ist dunkel und das Produkt hat eine SPF 15 Schutzwirkung
Dr Belter intensa 516 soft peeling
Naturally green-colored, softly exfoliating gel, with round bio-degradable abrasive particles.
Dr Belter intensa 572 enzym creme peeling
Enzyme-based, skin brightening exfoliator with vitamin C.
Dr Belter intensa 708B basis crème W/O
Pure white, soft water-in-oil emulsion for 24 h care.