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Dr Belter line-n 123 cream vitagel c/e
This fresh cream gel contains moisturizing factors, acerola extract and vitamins to care for the skin in a particularly light and vitalizing way. Precious organic oils as well as vitamins C and E for their anti- oxidant properties are...
Dr Belter line-n 124 cream CBD 24
This lightweight, refreshing and mattifying cream balances com- plexions that are prone to shine. Selected botanical extracts such as cannabidiol, papain and matcha are included for their regulatory, calming and mildly antibacterial...
Dr Belter line-n 125 cream aloe
This gentle, organic moisturizing cream contains a high percentage of organic aloe vera and vitamin E, which provide delicate, sensitive skin with calming nourishment and gentle, natural protection. Its soft texture with precious...
Dr Belter line-n 126 cream carotin
This emollient moisturizer contains chia seed oil, carrot oil, bisabol oil and quinoa extract to make especially dry and cracked skin soft and supple again. Its vitamin-rich, pleasantly lipid replenishing organic oils are what give it...
Dr Belter line-n 122 lotion orange
This moisturizing tonic contains stimulating, botanical extracts of pennywort, acerola and oranges and is the perfect complement to your cleansing routine. It regulates the skin’s pH value and is refreshing and clarifying, perfectly...
Dr Belter line-n 121 cleansing gel
This refreshing, soap-free cleansing gel concentrate is based on algae and cleanses the skin thoroughly whilst also protecting its natural barrier. The active ingredient complex made of pennywort, horsetail and a moisturizing factor...
Dr Belter MAN 852 comfort cream
Anti-aging cream with bioactive ingredients. Special formula for male skin.
Dr Belter LinieA 517 reinigungsgel
The very first cleansing of problem skin will reduce sebaceous gland activity and the related bacterial development. This lime-green cleansing gel, with its fresh lime fragrance, is mild and calming, gentle and disinfecting. Pleasant...
Dr Belter LinieA 518 lotion
The cooling, calming lotion actively supports the cleansing of problem skin, resulting in a visibly clearer complexion. This skin type often shows an alkaline pH value (pH 8 – 9) which can be regulated by this lotion to a normal healthy...
Dr Belter LinieA 519 crème
A wonderfully relaxing care cream, suitable for day and night application. It is slightly astringent, calms irritated and reddened skin, papules and pustules, regulates sebaceous gland production and has a mattifying effect on the skin.
Dr Belter LinieA 520 make-up No 0
A special creamy make-up that offers excellent coverage in three different shades. This make-up supports the normalisation process for skin with a tendency to impurities, excess oil and acne, disinfecting and regulating the skin functions.
Dr Belter LinieA 521 make-up No 1
Ein cremiges, besonders gut deckendes Spezial Make-up in der Farbe No.1. Es unterstützt desinfizierend und regulierend den Normalisierungsprozess bei Hautbildern die zu Unreinheiten, übermäßiger Fettproduktion und zur Akne neigen.
Dr Belter LinieA 522 make-up No 2
Ein cremiges, besonders gut deckendes Spezial Make-up in der Farbe No.2. Es unterstützt desinfizierend und regulierend den Normalisierungsprozess bei Hautbildern die zu Unreinheiten, übermäßiger Fettproduktion und zur Akne neigen.
Dr.Belter 527 Linie A Clarity Concentrate - mit Deko
Line »A« Clarity Concentrate is a powerful 2-phase fluid against pustules and impurities. Inflammatory processes are consequently dried up, disinfected and soothed immediately.
Dr Belter LinieA 526 clarity duo
The Line »A«Clarity Duo is an effective treatment for clearing and covering dermal impurities. It offers the possibility to treat skin with sporadic blemishes and otherwise undisturbed skin profile without great expenditure.
Dr Belter ocula 407 multiactive augenkontur serum
This eye contouring gel formula instantly reduces signs of fatigue. Plant extracts, natural moisture boosters and peptide actives develop a strong anti-wrinkle effect while diminishing puffiness. The unique LC-micro vesicle technology...
Dr Belter stimula 305 bioresource 24
This exceptionally rich 24-hour cream is formulated to stimulate skin regeneration and to balance out deficits caused by the slow-down of the metabolism. BIORESOURCE 24 anti-age nourishing cream restores the skin’s balance through the...
Dr Belter ocula 401 eye make-up remover lotion
This oil-free, fresh liquid lotion removes eye make-up instantly and thoroughly. Its gentle, calming formula is particularly suitable for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers.
Dr Belter sensi-bel 351 delicate cleanser
The first step toward calming soft, oversensitive skin impaired in its natural resistance. This naturally coloured, oil-free gel is gentle and mild, but thorough in its cleansing properties. It contains no soap and ensures skin calming...
Dr Belter sensi-bel 353 delicate day
A unique, feather-light beauty fluid for the day or 24-hour skin care. Based on precious ingredients of the purest quality and mainly identical to the skin's natural properties, this superb fluid enriches the skin with moisture, calms,...
Dr Belter samtea 615 dusch & badeöl
The gentlest form of a cleansing ritual. This silky-soft oil cleanses your skin without drying it out. Added to a hand or foot bath it gives moments of rest and diminishes irritations. Refreshing aromas and extracts release their full...
Dr Belter samtea 616 bio-satin body lotion
An agreeable emulsion of silky texture. It balances the effects moisture loss in the skin and provides nourishing, vitalizing elements. High quantities of caring components, such as sesame seed oil, marigold and konjac-mannane combine to...
Dr Belter samtea 614 lotus dusch & bade gel
Every day we long for purity, freshness and relaxation. This blossomy gel composition with lotus essence is a tender wake-up kiss for the skin. Especially in the Ancient Egyptian Culture, the lotus flower is a symbol and elixir of...
Dr Belter ocula 405 nutritiv augenbalsam
A regenerating, water-free eye treatment to prevent dryness around the sensitive eye area during the night. The natural oil components such as squalene, jojoba, wheat germ, calendula and carrot extract, ensure silky smooth skin and...
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