[Hypersensitive skin ]

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Dr Belter sensi-bel 359 couperosis creme
Greenish compact covering cream for partial application on red and uneven areas.
Dr Belter sensi-bel 358 Couperosis Serum
Soothing phyto-concentrate for delicate skin.
Dr Belter sensi-bel 360 couperosis packung/ mask
Cream mask for skin with a tendency toward erythema and fragile capillaries.
Dr Belter Sensi-bel 357 Couperosis Hydroprotectice creme
24-hour moisturizer.
Dr Belter sensi-bel 352 delicate tonic
Honey-coloured, mild, refreshing toner without alcohol.
Dr Belter sensi-bel 351 delicate cleanser
Honey-coloured, clear cleansing gel – oil-free.
Dr Belter sensi-bel 354 delicate night
Enriched beauty fluid for the night and 24-hour skin care.
Dr Belter sensi-bel 353 delicate day
Unique, feather-light beauty fluid for the day and 24-hour skin care.