Carmen Sommario-Klenk

At the age of 14, Carmen Sommario-Klenk was already dabbling in cosmetics, taking care of her own problem skin. After training as a beautician, she knew that wanted to go into business for herself. That is how the “Wohlfühlpunkt” cosmetics studio came to be, where Carmen Sommario-Klenk delights in enthusiastically inspiring her customers.
“The key to success here is continuous training on every topic that has to do with cosmetics,” she tells us. Her satisfied customers motivate her every day. Carmen Sommario-Klenk’s motivational boosters to set to work every day are achieving joint successes and making them visible.
“I decided to work with DR.BELTER® when I set up my own business in 2011. The sales team left me with products for my acne. After six weeks of treatment, I was unrecognisable. I was so impressed by the products, their effectiveness, the customer service and the family attitude of this company that I immediately decided to join and have not regretted it once. This personal experience also gives me authenticity when I introduce the products to my customers. In my opinion, Belter takes active ingredient cosmetics to a whole new level,” she tells us. What great feedback! We would like to thank Carmen Sommario-Klenk for being one of the cosmetic studios that use our products with conviction and recommend them to customers. We wish her all the best and much success with us and her “Wohlfühlpunkt”.