Josephine Thun and Sina Bauer

For five years now, Josephine Thun and Sina Bauer have been the happy owners of the “Hautbewusst” cosmetics studio in Querum. That is when the two of them went into business for themselves, and they couldn’t be happier with their decision.“Customers simply give us so much back, and every day we look forward to seeing our customers leave our joint cosmetics studio with a smile,” the two of them tell us. Josephine and Sina want to help their customers improve the balance of their skin and are always ready to learn more about advances and innovations when it comes to the skin and cosmetics – as well as DR.BELTER®. “We like the DR.BELTER products because they are 95–100% natural, free of silicone and mineral oils, as well as parabens – the best conditions for tolerability as well as pampered, healthy skin. We love the various DR.BELTER® lines and are convinced that the product diversity offers the right skincare for every type of skin.” We are pleased that these two successful ladies are part of the DR.BELTER® community. Josephine and Sina are an excellent example of how a love of the profession can be the key to success. We wish these two superwomen all the best and much success!