Very Dry Skin

[Ultimate suppleness ]

Very Dry Skin

Very dry skin is usually rough, scaly, sensitive and reddened.

A lack of skin lipids as well as reduced sebum and sweat gland activity are responsible for the skin’s appearance.

With the right care and effective ingredients, you can succeed in visibly improving the skin’s appearance. The basis and active ingredients of the following products are designed so that selected moisturising factors and precious oils keep the skin supple and smooth while strengthening the skin barrier.

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Dr Belter line-n 126 cream carotin
Vitamin-rich 24-hour care cream ✓smoothing & soothing ✓certified natural cosmetics ✓natural source of vitamin C ✓95% PCR packaging
Dr Belter bioclassica 211 velvety cream cleanser
Purely white o/w-cleansing-emulsion.
Dr Belter bioclassica 212 fresh blossomy tensum
Mildly scented tonic without alcohol.
Dr Belter bioclassica 216 daycare plus
Very rich, yellow o/w-emulsion for the day.
Dr Belter bioclassica 217 night care plus
Naturally-white, rich and compact w/o-emulsion for nightly care.
Dr Belter bioclassica 218 day & night special cream
Yellow, extra rich anti-wrinkle cosmetic for day and night.
Dr Belter bioclassica 219 aquasilk serum
Hydro-boost serum with smoothing matrix formation.
Dr Belter stimula 301 nobless/ cleansing milk
Soothing premium cleansing emulsion.
Dr Belter stimula 301A nobless/ cleansing oil
Premium, soap-free hydrophilic cleansing oil.
Dr Belter stimula 302 nobless tonic
High-quality face toner without alcohol.
Dr Belter stimula 309 bioresource elixir
Premium emulsion concentrate.
Dr Belter stimula 305 bioresource 24
Rich, intensively regenerating care for day and night, O/W-emulsion.
Dr Belter stimula 310 oleoSerum
Anti-aging oleo gel concentrate.
Dr Belter stimula 311 bio dynamic 24
Multi-dynamic impulse care for day and night.
Dr Belter stimula 312 bio dynamic24 eye
Rich, high-performance eye care.
Dr Belter Bel-Energen 773 caviar arctica balance serum
Moisturizing and repairing concentrate for fatigued skin.
Dr Belter Bel-Energen 768 caviar arctica balance / multiactive repair cream
Rich repair cream for stressed, very dry skin.
Dr Belter Bel-Energen 774 lumination secret / radiance performance cream 30
Moisturizer with whitening-effect and SPF 30.
Dr Belter Bel-Energen 775 lumination secret elixir
Milky concentrate to reduce undesired skin pigmentation.
Dr Belter Bel-Energen 764 eye lift complex
Exclusive, lightweight eye cream.
Dr Belter Bel-Energen 770 expertise 30 concetra pen
Gel concentrate with stainless steel roll-on applicator.
Dr Belter ocula 401 eye make-up remover lotion
Clear, oil-free, light blue eye make-up remover lotion for sensitive eyes.
Dr Belter ocula 0408 make-up entferner duo
Bi-phase make-up remover for waterproof make-up with soothing plant extracts.
Dr Belter ocula 404 biomimetic augencreme
Very delicate eye care cream with a lightweight texture, free of perfume and colorants.
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