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Line »N« cream vitagel C/E Produktbild
24 hours vitamin gel for extra moisture ✓smoothing ✓light and refreshing ✓certified natural cosmetics ✓protection against free radicals ✓95% PCR packaging
Line »N« cream CBD 24 Produktbild
Mattifying, refreshingly scented 24-hour care cream - anti-inflammatory ✓certified natural cosmetics ✓pore refining ✓cell renewal
Line »N« cream aloe Produktbild
Soft & light 24-hour care cream ✓reduces redness, itching ✓certified natural cosmetics ✓protective, smoothing ✓95% PCR packaging
Line »N« cream carotin Produktbild
Vitamin-rich 24-hour care cream ✓smoothing & soothing ✓certified natural cosmetics ✓natural source of vitamin C ✓95% PCR packaging
Line »N« lotion orange Produktbild
Alcohol-free, refreshing facial tonic with natural vitamin C source ✓pH: 5.5 ✓certified natural cosmetics ✓100% PCR packaging
Line »N« cleansing gel Produktbild
Gentle cleansing gel concentrate on algae basis ✓fresh orange-ginger scent ✓pH: 5.6 ✓certified natural cosmetics ✓100% PCR packaging
Comfort Cream
Anti-aging moisturizing cream for men.
Cleansing Gel
Lime-green, lime-scented, oil-free, gentle cleansing gel.
Linie »A« Lotion
Light green, alcohol-free, cooling and emollient lotion with a scent of ripe limes.
A light green, skin care emulsion for day and night.
Linie »A« Make-up No. 0
Foundation for acne-prone skin with a creamy texture available in three shades.
Linie »A« Make-up No. 1
Ein crèmiges Spezial- Make up Nummer 1 mit Farbton mittel
Linie »A« Make-up No. 2
Ein crèmiges Spezial- Make up Nummer 2 mit Farbton dunkel
Clarity Concentrate
For specific partial treatment of acne blemishes.
Clarity Duo
Practical duo for specific partial treatment and coverage of impurities.
Multiactive Augenkontur Serum
Anspruchsvolles Serum für klare Konturen.
BioResource 24 / anti-age nourishing cream
Rich, intensively regenerating care for day and night, O/W-emulsion.
Eye Make-up Remover Lotion
Clear, oil-free, light blue eye make-up remover lotion for sensitive eyes.
Delicate Cleanser
Honey-coloured, clear cleansing gel – oil-free.
Delicate Night Care / 24
Enriched beauty fluid for the night and 24-hour skin care.
Delicate Day Care / 24
Unique, feather-light beauty fluid for the day and 24-hour skin care.
Shower & Bath Oil
Soap-free cleansing oil.
Bio-Satin Body Lotion
Slightly perfumed, light body emulsion.
Lotus Shower & Bath Gel
Orange-colored, soap-free shower and bath gel.
Nutritiv Eye Balm
Water-free eye care product for regeneration of the skin overnight.
»Bel-Energen« PHYTO-SENSATION / anti-aging cream VK
Light, intensive re-plumping care.
Couperosis Serum
Soothing phyto-concentrate for delicate skin.
Couperosis Mask
Cream mask for skin with a tendency toward erythema and fragile capillaries.
Couperosis Compact Crème
Greenish compact covering cream for partial application on red and uneven areas.
»Bel-Energen« CAVIAR ARCTICA BALANCE revitalizing serum VK
Moisturizing and repairing concentrate for fatigued skin.
»Bel-Energen« LUMINATION SECRET radiance performance elixir VK
Milky concentrate to reduce undesired skin pigmentation.
»Bel-Energen« LUMINATION SECRET radiance performance cream VK
Moisturizer with whitening-effect and SPF 30.
»Bel-Energen« PHYTO-SENSATION Elixir VK
Re-plumping concentrate.
Nobless Cleansing Milk
Soothing premium cleansing emulsion.
»Bel-Energen« DERMO-RELAX / ultima lift cream VK
Multiactive anti-wrinkle cream for day and night.
Nobless Cleansing Oil
Premium, soap-free hydrophilic cleansing oil.
»Bel-Energen« CAVIAR ARCTICA BALANCE multiactive repair cream VK
Rich repair cream for stressed, very dry skin.
Nobless Fresh Tonic
High-quality face toner without alcohol.
Superior Night Care / anti-age energizing cream
Intensively regenerating, anti-aging night care with a high concentration of actives.
Unisex Express-Mineralmaske.
NaturaVital / rich baobab stay-on mask
Hellgelbe, reichhaltige stay-on Crèmepackung mit intensiver Pflegewirkung.
Zartgrüne botanische Feuchtigkeitspackung.
Hyaluronic Factor 5 / aqua silk hydroboost mask
Weiße, erfrischende Crèmegel Packung als Quick-Lift.
CryoMoist / ultrafresh refining mask
Hellorange, leicht kühlende Feuchtigkeitspackung.
Moisturizing Gel
A special, deeply moisturizing gel, transparent and oil-free.
BioResource Elixir
Premium emulsion concentrate.
VivaCell GlowSerum
Premium anti-aging moisturizing serum.
Velvety Cream Cleanser
Purely white o/w-cleansing-emulsion.
BioDynamic OleoSerum
Anti-aging oleo gel concentrate.
BioDynamic 24 / matrix contouring cream
Multi-dynamic impulse care for day and night.
Balancing Gel Cleanser
Crystal clear, slightly foaming cleansing gel.
BioDynamic / eye contouring cream
Rich, high-performance eye care.
Pure Balance Fluid
Fresh moisturizing o/w-fluid with clarifying effect.
VivaCell 24 / anti-age revitalizing cream
Intensive premium revitalizing 24h cream, O/W-emulsion.
Pure Balance Refiner
Pure white, o/w emulsion with ample moisture. 24h care.
AquaSilk Serum
Hydro-boost serum with smoothing matrix formation.
AquaSilk 24
Super light and soft cream gel.
Gentle Beauty Balm
Pure white, soft o/w-emulsion for day and night.
Day Care Plus
Very rich, yellow o/w-emulsion for the day.
Day & Night Special Cream
Yellow, extra rich anti-wrinkle cosmetic for day and night.
Hydra Dayshield 30
Yellow, low-fat day care product with SPF 30. Whitening effect.
A white, pasty mask that dries on the skin.
Fresh Blossomy Tensum
Mildly scented tonic without alcohol.
»samtea« Citrus Fresh Fussbalsam
Super fresh, invigorating foot balm.
»samtea« Chlorophyll Active Fussbalsam
Firming and regenerating foot balm. Designed for athletes and feet with excessive perspiration.
»samtea« Sensitive Silver Fussbalsam
Soft, nourishing foot balm for sensitive and diabetic feet.
»samtea« Sensitive Silver Fussbalsam
Nourishing foot balm which reduces cornification.
»samtea« Callus Control Intensivcrème
Intense foot cream for local application to reduce the corneal layer of the skin and calluses.
»samtea« Diabetic Plus Pflegeschaum
Soft, nourishing foot care mousse for sensitive, strained diabetic feet.
»samtea« Aqua SPA Pflegeschaum
Lightweight foot care mousse with a velvety-matte soft touch finish. Multi-purpose mousse.
»samtea« Bio Vital Fuss Deo
Cooling, anti-bacterial foot deodorant spray which counteracts perspiration and unpleasant foot odor.
DermoTec Concentrate – Hyaluronic | anti-aging
A collagen boost with LiftoninExpert® for more skin density and firmness.
MaxiGlow express hydro mask
Algae gel-based moisture boost mask for a refined pore appearance with a fresh, healthy glow effect.
MaxiGlow Mini Set – express hydro mask + ampoule
The »intensa« MaxiGlow set consisting of mask and ampoule leaves the skin looking fresh and radiant.
 Line »N« fresh harmony botanical mask Produktbild
Organic cotton fleece mask ✓light & refreshing ✓PP monomaterial sachet ✓Certified natural cosmetics ✓protection against free radicals
Yellow, low-fat day care with SPF 30. Temporary Special Edition.