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Oriental Peeling Glove

This peeling glove is traditionally used in the Moroccan Hammam (thermal bath) for the deep cleansing ritual after the steam bath. Soaked with the DR.BELTER® COSMETIC Phyto-Cleansing-Lotion it offers a whole body exfoliation entirely without abrasive particles during professional application. In that way, it facilitates the first essential step of a full body treatment, especially for salons without a shower area. Also, after bathing, while showering or in the sauna it reveals its very special benefits. It frees the skin from any unevenness and stimulates the blood circulation. The skin’s profile is tangibly refined and the absorption of subsequent care is improved. This application leaves a fascinating smoothness.

Skin Type

suitable for all skin types

  • »samtea®«
Oriental Peeling Glove
  • Effects and Properties

    • powerfully cleansing
    • stimulates blood circulation
    • supports cellulite treatments
    • does not scratch
    • slightly shrinks when wet, in order to adapt to the hand’s shape and size
    • washable at 60 °C

  • Key Ingredients

    viscose, acetate

  • Application

    • use the Oriental Peeling Glove wet to exfoliate the skin on the body starting from the feet moving upwards towards the heart
    • work in short, upward strokes with light to medium pressure

  • Ingredients