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DAYDREAM cleansing foam

This soft, soap-free foam frees the skin effortlessly and gently from make-up and dirt particles. Even during the cleansing process, the skin comes into contact with precious plant extracts such as grape extract, phyto-peptides and organic witch hazel. The skin is left perfectly clean and refreshed.

Skin Type

suitable for all skin types, except hypersensitive skin

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DAYDREAM cleansing foam
  • Effects and Properties

    • gentle, soap-free cleansing
    • very gentle surfactants
    • soft lightweight mousse – pleasant application
    • respects the protective acid barrier of the skin

  • Key Ingredients

    panthenol, allantoin, grape extract, phyto-hormones from irises, Belisome® AP, organic witch hazel extract, very low content of mild natural surfactants

  • Application

    • remove eye make-up using an »ocula®« eye make-up remover
    • apply 4 – 5 pumps of DAYDREAM cleansing foam evenly to the face using circular motions
    • dissolve dirt particles and make-up
    • rinse off thoroughly with plenty of lukewarm water

  • Ingredients