Prevention is better than cure!


Optimal care for maintaining the natural beauty of the skin is our ultimate goal. At the same time the wish for a tanned complexion is predominant in Western culture. It remains a symbol of sportiness, healthiness and vitality.


Having fun in the sun and enjoying the outdoors in the summertime, without paying the price of accelerated skin aging is a challenge for cosmetic product developers and beauty therapists. DR.BELTER® COSMETIC makes a clear statement: All intensive sun radiation represents extreme stress for the human skin and can lead to irreparable damage.


UV rays can be differentiated into UVB light with a wave length of 280-320 nm and UVA with 320-400 nm. Both UVA and UVB penetrate the skin at different depths. UVB light is absorbed in the epidermis, which is rich in keratinocytes. UVA light penetrates deeper into the dermis, which is rich in fibroblasts.


In these regions, UV rays induce the occurrence of free oxygen radicals and certain enzymes, so called MMPs. When the self-defence systems of the skin are overloaded, the free radicals react with cellular structures, such as DNA and proteins, hindering their natural function. Simultaneously, the MMP enzymes excessively break down dermal tissue. This damage is a major aspect of premature photo-aging. Only reliable protection and premium After Sun products can keep this damage in check.


The new DR.BELTER®-»sun« – care products have been developed on the basis of the latest scientific knowledge to ensure effective protection and optimal care properties. The preparations are extremely kind to the skin and have a gentle, non-sticky consistency that is easy to apply. Used properly and provided the following 6 important rules are followed, the result will be a healthy, radiant tan.


We recommend that you:
1. always protect your skin well, paying special attention to your face
2. be cautious in situations with strong radiation, e.g. mountains, seaside, on     yachts; avoid midday sun
3. apply appropriate sun protection before sun exposure and maintain     protection by applying the sun protection repeatedly, especially after     swimming
4. protect children from direct radiation (high SPF, hats, shirts)
5. do not expose your skin to the sun with products containing active     ingredients
6. top-up your fluid balance by drinking sufficiently
7. remove Sun Protection preparations after sunbathing
8. use After Sun preparations





The sun protection milks for face and body protect sensitive skin from sunburn and other harmful effects of the sun. The formulas use proven UVA & UVB protection ingredients, pigments as well as biological cell protection complexes. The non-greasy fluid textures are free of mineral oil, PEG, colorants and fragrance. Even while sunbathing, they provide moisture to the skin leaving it well-balanced and healthily tanned. Sun-induced skin aging and the formation of hyperpigmentation is effectively prevented.


Pure-white protection milk, in three protection categories:


[SUN PROTECTION] (SPF 20) / medium protection


[SUN PROTECTION/FACE] (SPF 30) Face / high protection


[SUN PROTECTION/FACE] (SPF 50+) / very high protection

If the influence of the sun light is to be shielded for medical purposes, SPF 50+ offers maximum effect and protection. Use SPF 50+ for children and for sensitive areas, like the face, shoulders, or décolleté.


[SUN PROTECTION] (SPF 30) Face Elixir / high protection

This protective concentrate for the face protects sensitive skin from sunburn and other harmful effects of the sun. The formula uses biological cell protection complexes, such as Ectoin®, a special DNA shield from the plant cassia alata to prevent sun-induced skin aging and the formation of hyperpigmentation.


[AFTER SUN] Face Treatment 

This sumptuous concentrate is a source of well-being for facial skin after sun-exposure. It soothes, rehydrates and offers the skin precious, natural actives. The specific composition promotes cellular repair and regeneration while preventing photo-aging processes. The skin regains its balance and soft texture revealing a radiant sun-kissed tan.
- white semi-liquid After Sun treatment concentrate for facial application
- 3 x 4 ml in miniature pipette bottles


[AFTER SUN] Advanced Body Treatment

This pleasantly cooling care emulsion instantly soothes and refreshes the skin after sun exposure. Ample moisture and a combination of selected botanical ingredients promote cellular repair and regeneration. The skin regains its balance and soft texture revealing a radiant sun-kissed tan.
- white, nourishing After Sun body lotion
- 200 ml tube