Couperose and its further stage Rosacea is a common cosmetic problem that needs special care and constant treatment. The typical first symptoms of rosacea are patchy flushing, redness (erythema) and inflammation,particularly on the cheeks, nose, and around the mouth.


The five new »sensi-bel« product formulas have been developed to treat skin with fragile capillaries,erythema and teleangictasis (visible dilated vessels. Selected medicinal plant extracts have been combined with the latest patented actives to visibly improve this skin type.


Precious plant extracts such as gold rut, horse chesnut, buthcher's broom, and red grape fortify fragile blood vessels and promote lymphatic flow. Further special actives like boswelia, liquorice root and microsilver reduce erythema and develop an anti-inflammatory effect. Anti-aging factors such as resveratrol, baicalin and phyto-stemcells target the prevention of premature aging.

Regular care with the »sensi-bel« products will diminish couperose symptoms and help the skin to feel more comfortable and look more even.






  1. day and night face care
  2. precious natural basis with squalene, shea and mango kernel butter
  3. deeply moisturizing with hyaluronic acid spheres
  4. skin identicals components restructure the lipid-barrier
  5. phyto-complex fortifies capillaries
  6. inhibits rosacea development
  7. bioflavonoids against free radicals
  8. calming, anti-irritative
  9. contains anti-aging factor Baicalin
  10. Microsilver anti-microbial
  11. minerals offer sun protection


soothing phyto-concentrate


inhibits the rosacea development

deeply moisturizing with hyaluronic acid spheres

phyto-complex fortifies capillaries

strengthens the vessel function

UV-protection factors from phyto-stemcells

calming, anti-irritant

Antarcticine protects from environmental influences and cold

vitamin A supports skin regeneration

anti-microbial with microsilver



greenish covering cream for partial application


greenish colour neutralizes red and uneven areas

inhibits the rosacea development

pigments and Antarcticine protect from environmental influences and cold

can be mixed with moisturizer to obtain whitening effect

phyto-complex fortifies capillaries

boswelia aloe vera calm irritation

vitamin A supports skin regeneration

anti-microbial with microsilver



cream mask for skin with a tendency to erythema and fragile capillaries


precious natural basis with jojoba and shea butter

deeply moisturizing with hyaluronic acid spheres

phyto-complex firms and stabilizes the tissue

contains anti-aging factor resveratrol

soothing, reduces erythema

inhibits rosacea development

vitamin A supports skin regeneration

grape-polyphenols develop a slight tanning effect


For professional use only ![COUPEROSIS PEEL-OFF-MASK]

Alginate Peel-Off-Mask only for salon use

formative mask enriched with active ingredients bag with 5 sachets,

a 30 g powder






strengthens the vessel function

easy application – striking effect

does not contain any preservatives





Skin sensitivity is often related to impairment of the natural balance of skin functions. This is an increasing trend today and can have numerous and very varied causes.


Anxiety, physical and psychological stress, genetic disposition, environmental factors, nutritional imbalance and inadequate care can all be catalysts for extreme reaction by our largest sensory organ. Skin sensitivity can affect all skin types at any given time. A particular disposition towards this skin type is generally found in people with blond or reddish hair, often with fine and very soft skin.


The result is a functional skin disorder and an impaired skin immunity system. Even the smallest challenge can quickly and easily lead to extreme reactions and skin disorders. "Capricious" skin reduces the sense of well being. Consequently, this skin type requires very special care and attention in the method of treatment, including optimally combined special care products. Care must focus on regenerating and fortifying the skin's protective shield, reducing skin disorder, including calming and smoothing, bringing the surface of the skin to a strong state of balance, and preventing light-related and other premature ageing factors.


»sensi-bel« - the complete care system from DR.BELTER® COSMETIC to ensure a particularly gentle, meaningful and balanced skin therapy.
This innovative range of three care products and two gentle cleansers is a source of relaxation and wellbeing for challenging skin types, especially for the care of skin with a tendency to psoriasis or neurodermatitis.


All products in this series have been tested to ensure

dermatological compatibility.






  1. The first step is calming the over sensitive, soft skin with impaired natural resistance. This naturally coloured, grease-free gel is gentle and mild – but thorough – in its cleansing properties. It contains no soap and ensures skin calming and protection even during the cleansing process with the beneficial effects of panthenol and extract of liquorice root, oak bark, green tea and echinacea.



The most gentle facial tonic. Refreshing and stabilising, normalising the pH-value of the skin, calming and protecting, this honey-yellow, mild refresher tonic - naturally without alcohol – reduces skin irritations and makes the skin surface less susceptible to attack by irritants, enriched with allantoin, natural moisturisers, extract of echinacea, aloe vera, witch hazel and oak bark.



A mild moisturizing fluid for very sensitive and strained skin. It is free of perfume and colorants and suitable as a day care preparation as well as a light 24 hour care preparation. Highly pure and mostly skin- identical ingredients soothe and smooth the skin immediately. Substances like vitamin E, lecithin, sheabutter, squalene, allantoin and liquorice root extract support the skin’s protective functions and counteract skin aging.



A rich, soothing care fluid for very sensitive and strained skin. It is free of perfume and colorants and suitable as a night care preparation as well as a 24 hour care preparation. Skin-identical ingredients support the skin in developing a natural protective barrier and reduce irritations and erythema. Active ingredients like vitamin E, ceramides, phytosterol, jojoba and evening primrose oil, bisabolol and liquorice root extract help the skin recreating a balanced state and counteract skin aging.