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Lip Trio

Let color into your life - We say no to gray rainy days and "Hello Colour"!


Make a statement with the seductive Lip Trios. The combination of 24/7 liquid liner, lip definer and glossy lip finish makes your lips look more voluminous and lasts all day. The nourishing formula of the glossy lip finish with carnauba wax and baobab oil is non-sticky and gives a pleasant smoothness.


Available in three springtime color combinations.


In 3 steps to the perfect 24/7 kissable lips:


  • Step 1 - Draw a precise, semi-permanent line with the 24/7 liquid liner.
  • Step 2 - Pencil over the contour and shade the lips with lip definer.
  • Step 3 - Set a glossy finish with the glossy lip finish.


Tip: The combination of Step 1 and 2 also sits perfectly under the mask.

Skin Type

suitable for all skin types

  • für alle Hauttypen geeignet
  • »Special Editions«
  • »GreenTec Make-up«
  • Verkaufsware
Lip Trio
  • Effects and Properties

    • add shine to the center of the lip
    • nourishing texture
    • non-sticky gloss
    • long-lasting
    • creates beautifully supple lips
    • sustainable packaging with cork instead of plastic

  • Key Ingredients

    carnauba wax, shea butter, baobab oil, prickley pear extract, liplift complex

  • Application

    How to acheive the perfect 24/7 lip in 3 Steps:

    Step 1: Draw a precise, semi-permanent line with liquid liner

    Step 2: Go over the contour with lip definer and shade in the lips

    Step 3: Add a hint of shine with glossy lip finish and lipstick

  • Ingredients