Combination Skin

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Combination Skin

The presence of more than one skin type on the face is characteristic of combination skin. Oily areas of skin with enlarged pores and isolated impurities alternate with normal areas. The sebaceous glands are unevenly distributed, creating the so-called T-zone: the forehead, nose and chin.

Too much sebum is produced in this area, which then remains on the skin and may clog the pores and lead to the formation of blackheads or inflammation.

Combination skincare is therefore particularly light, mattifying and targeted with special active ingredients to improve the problematic T-zone areas. A pH-regulating facial toner is a MUST to restore the protective acid mantle and keep out inflammatory bacteria.

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Dr Belter line-n 121 cleansing gel
Gentle cleansing gel concentrate on algae basis ✓fresh orange-ginger scent ✓pH: 5.6 ✓certified natural cosmetics ✓100% PCR packaging
Dr Belter line-n 122 lotion orange
Alcohol-free, refreshing facial tonic with natural vitamin C source ✓pH: 5.5 ✓certified natural cosmetics ✓100% PCR packaging
Dr Belter line-n 124 cream CBD 24
Mattifying, refreshingly scented 24-hour care cream - anti-inflammatory ✓certified natural cosmetics ✓pore refining ✓cell renewal
Dr Belter bioclassica 225 balancing gel cleanser
Crystal clear, slightly foaming cleansing gel.
Dr Belter bioclassica 212 fresh blossomy tensum
Mildly scented tonic without alcohol.
Dr Belter bioclassica 226 pure balance fluid
Fresh moisturizing o/w-fluid with clarifying effect.
Dr Belter bioclassica 213 pure balance refiner
Pure white, o/w emulsion with ample moisture. 24h care.
Dr Belter LinieA 517 reinigungsgel
Lime-green, lime-scented, oil-free, gentle cleansing gel.
Dr Belter LinieA 518 lotion
Light green, alcohol-free, cooling and emollient lotion with a scent of ripe limes.
Dr Belter LinieA 526 clarity duo
Practical duo for specific partial treatment and coverage of impurities.
Dr Belter LinieA 527 Clarity Concentrate
For specific partial treatment of acne blemishes.
Dr Belter Bel-Energen 765 daydream reinigungsschaum
Mild, soap-free cleansing foam.
Dr Belter Bel-Energen 772 daydream erfrischungstonikum
Refreshing tonic spray with organic ingredients.
Dr Belter Bel-Energen 761 phyto-sensation elixir
Re-plumping concentrate.
Dr Belter Bel-Energen 755 phyto-sensation / anti-aging cream
Light, intensive re-plumping care.
Dr Belter Bel-Energen 764 eye lift complex
Exclusive, lightweight eye cream.
Dr Belter intensa 516 soft peeling
Naturally green-colored, softly exfoliating gel, with round bio-degradable abrasive particles.
Dr Belter intensa 572 enzym creme peeling
Enzyme-based, skin brightening exfoliator with vitamin C.
Dr Belter intensa 746 Derm-A-ReNew AHA Fluid 10%
Care fluid with 10 % fruit acids, pH 3,5
Dr Belter intensa 500 purifying mask
Unisex Express-Mineralmaske.
Hellorange, leicht kühlende Feuchtigkeitspackung.
Dr Belter intensa 504 oceanica mask
Hellblaue, Thalasso-Packung mit marinen Wirkstoffen.
Dr Belter ocula 401 eye make-up remover lotion
Clear, oil-free, light blue eye make-up remover lotion for sensitive eyes.
Dr Belter ocula 404 biomimetic augencreme
Very delicate eye care cream with a lightweight texture, free of perfume and colorants.
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