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Over the years, signs of ageing become visible on the skin. The earth’s gravity, physiological changes due to hormones, facial expressions, solar radiation and lifestyle leave their mark. This affects everyone in different ways.

The aim of anti-ageing products is to counteract the causes, processes, and manifestations.

DR.BELTER® research offers a variety of multi-active preventive and regenerative anti-ageing products with different levels of intensity and focal points. Here you can discover which profile best suits the individual needs of your skin.

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Dr Belter ocula 407 multiactive augenkontur serum
Anspruchsvolles Serum für klare Konturen.
Dr Belter stimula 305 bioresource 24
Rich, intensively regenerating care for day and night, O/W-emulsion.
Dr Belter intensa 536 ampulle No 8 vino therapy-OPC
Ampoule No. 8 VinoTherapy-OPC – Stimulating concetrate with vines leaves to promote micro circulation for sallow skin.
Dr Belter intensa 531 ampulle No 11 caviar oligomer
Ampoule No. 11 Caviar-Oligomer – Vitalizing concentrate including the "life elixir" caviar for mature skin in need of regeneration.
Dr Belter intensa 509 ampulle No.5 sleeping beauty
Ampoule No. 5 Sleeping Beauty – Offers benefits to mature skin in need of regeneration. Like a beauty sleep for your skin.
Dr Belter intensa 508 ampulle No.4 sea algae extract
Ampoule No. 4 Algen-Extrakt – has tightening, protective and healing benefits and stimulates blood circulation. Ideal for dry skin.
Dr Belter intensa 537 ampulle No 2 Hy-O-Silk
Ampoule No. 2 Hy-O-Silk – Soothing and regenerating concentrate which protects the skin from dehydration.
Dr Belter intensa 507 ampulle No.3 vitamin ginseng
Ampoule No. 3 Vitamin Ginseng – ideal for dry and strained skin, with luxurious natural oils and a vitamin enriched formula.
Dr Belter intensa 534 ampulle No 14 physio-energy
Ampoule No. 14 Physio-Energy – An emulsion concentrate full of power to give new energy to tired, brittle and sun-damaged skin.
Dr Belter intensa 533 ampulle No 13 lifting essence
Ampoule No. 13 Lifting-Essence – A "special-event-concentrate" for smoothing and tightening the skin.
Dr Belter intensa 538 ampulle No 15 vivacell-grenadine
Ampoule No. 15 Vivacell-Grenadine – with special ingredients to support and regenerate the longevity of your skin cells.
Dr Belter intensa 723 ampulle No.16 hyaluronic factor 5
Ampoule No. 16 Hyaluronic Factor 5 – Quick-lift ampoule with fivefold benefits and hyaluronic acid which naturally occurs in the skin.
Dr Belter ocula 401 eye make-up remover lotion
Clear, oil-free, light blue eye make-up remover lotion for sensitive eyes.
Dr Belter intensa 747 Derm-A-ReNew AHA OleoSerum 10%
innovative anti-aging oleogel with 10 % fruit acids, pH 3,5
Dr Belter intensa 560 multibenefit CB colour balm 15 / Nº0
Tinted moisturizer with SPF 15, available in 3 different shades.
Dr Belter intensa 561 multibenefit CB colour balm 15 / Nº1
Getöntes Tagespflegeprodukt Nummer 1. Farbton mittel und SPF 15 Schutzwirkung
Dr Belter ocula 0408 make-up entferner duo
Bi-phase make-up remover for waterproof make-up with soothing plant extracts.
Dr Belter Bel-Energen 765 daydream reinigungsschaum
Mild, soap-free cleansing foam.
Dr Belter Bel-Energen 772 daydream erfrischungstonikum
Refreshing tonic spray with organic ingredients.
Dr Belter Sensi-bel 357 Couperosis Hydroprotectice creme
24-hour moisturizer.
Dr Belter Bel-Energen 755 phyto-sensation / anti-aging cream
Light, intensive re-plumping care.
Dr Belter sensi-bel 358 Couperosis Serum
Soothing phyto-concentrate for delicate skin.
Dr Belter Bel-Energen 762 dermo-relax serum
Anti-wrinkle moisturizing concentrate.
Dr Belter sensi-bel 360 couperosis packung/ mask
Cream mask for skin with a tendency toward erythema and fragile capillaries.
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