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Our largest and most attractive organ – the skin!

Like many things in the world, the skin also goes through a cycle: when young, usually about 28 days – later a little longer. During that time, it is accomplishing so much. It completely renews and regenerates itself.

However, in order to make the new, regenerated skin radiant, it needs your help from time to time to remove dead skin flakes from the surface.

This is where the DR.BELTER® scrubs come in handy. Ideally applied 1-2 times a week, scrubs stimulate circulation, refine pores and enhance the effectiveness of subsequent products. After using a scrub, the skin simply looks fresher and more even!

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Dr Belter intensa 516 soft peeling
Naturally green-colored, softly exfoliating gel, with round bio-degradable abrasive particles.
Dr Belter intensa 572 enzym creme peeling
Enzyme-based, skin brightening exfoliator with vitamin C.
Dr Belter samtea 613 seasalt & sugar scrub peeling
Balmy body scrub with sea salt and cane sugar crystals.
Dr Belter samtea 611 peeling handschuh
Exfoliation glove made from 70 % viscose and 30 % acetate for the body.