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Take time out for yourself!

Stress and the hectic pace of everyday life not only sap our souls but also our skin. The best opportunity to relax and regenerate day in and day out is with a pampering, intensively nourishing mask tailored to skin type, mood or season.

1–2 times a week – preferably after applying a scrub – give your skin exactly what it needs at that time: a hydro-boost, deep cleansing, revitalisation or maximum suppleness... Try it!

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Dr Belter intensa 500 purifying mask
Unisex Express-Mineralmaske.
Dr Belter LinieA 523 mask
A white, pasty mask that dries on the skin.
Dr Belter sensi-bel 360 couperosis packung/ mask
Cream mask for skin with a tendency toward erythema and fragile capillaries.
Dr Belter intensa 051 special gentle mask
Zartgrüne botanische Feuchtigkeitspackung.
Hellgelbe, reichhaltige stay-on Crèmepackung mit intensiver Pflegewirkung.
Hellorange, leicht kühlende Feuchtigkeitspackung.
Dr Belter intensa 504 oceanica mask
Hellblaue, Thalasso-Packung mit marinen Wirkstoffen.
Dr Belter intensa 544 hyaluronic factor 5
Weiße, erfrischende Crèmegel Packung als Quick-Lift.
Dr Belter intensa 546 lumination secret/ radiance performance mask
Crèmefarbene Mineralmaske zur Reduzierung von unerwünschten Hautpigmentierungen.
Dr Belter intensa 581 aquasilk behandlungsset
Three-stage treatment set for a wellness experience on your business trip, holiday & sauna - the “intensa®” 3 step – AquaSilk treatment set