Eye Contour Care

[Me, myself and eye ]

Radiant eyes are captivating!

One more reason to do your best to preserve their beauty and well-being.

The eye contour is the most anatomically sensitive part of the skin, as well as being under the most stress due to movements. Here you can find effective skincare products that take into account the unique needs of the sensitive eye area.

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Eye Make-up Remover Lotion
Clear, oil-free, light blue eye make-up remover lotion for sensitive eyes.
Make-up Remover Eyes & Lips Duo
Bi-phase make-up remover for waterproof make-up with soothing plant extracts.
Biomimetic Eye Cream
Very delicate eye care cream with a lightweight texture, free of perfume and colorants.
Multiactive Augenkontur Serum
Anspruchsvolles Serum für klare Konturen.
Nutritiv Eye Balm
Water-free eye care product for regeneration of the skin overnight.
Quick Lift Eye Contour Collagen-patch Mask
Lifting collagen-pad mask for the eye area.
»Bel-Energen« Eye Lift Complex VK
Exclusive, lightweight eye cream.
BioDynamic / eye contouring cream
Rich, high-performance eye care.
Eye Expert
Bioactive eye care cream.