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Body Splash – feel the energy

The lightest and finest form of a body milk. The micro-fine spray emulsions comfort the body skin with moisture and delicate fragrance. This emulsion unites moisturizing and firming phyto extracts with an energizing olfactory sensation – not only for women.

Skin Type

suitable for any age and skin type

  • Effects and Properties

    • amplifies work out results in the body skin tissue
    • anti-inflammatory
    • toning and firming; moisturizing
    • anti-oxidant, blood vessel fortifying
    • invigorating; anti-irritant

  • Key Ingredients

    shea butter, organic jojoba oil, organic bisabolol, panthenol, allantoin, hyaluronic acid, green tea extract, organic ginkgo extract, organic centella asiatica, CoAxel®, ginger extract

  • Application

    • spray into the palm of your hands and apply evenly on body skin or spray directly on more remote areas like legs and feet

  • Ingredients