[Body Care & Contouring ]

[Body Care & Contouring]


With today’s accelerated lifestyle it has become even more important to interrupt the work pattern and the hectic fast pace and withdraw and take time for oneself. For these moments »samtea®« body & balance offers sensual and effective care. DR.BELTER® COSMETIC draws from the whole variety of nature and uses domestic as well as exotic active ingredients to provide effective, holistic care concepts for spas and home care, e.g. marine active substances, silk powder, aromatherapy elements, fruit and botanic extracts, herbs, biotechnological ingredients…

The »samtea®« body & balance – body care line gives exceptional wellness simply because it is so seductive and pleasant that you will regularly take the time to devote to yourself and to your body.

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Seasalt & Sugar Scrub
Balmy body scrub with sea salt and cane sugar crystals.
Lotus Shower & Bath Gel
Orange-colored, soap-free shower and bath gel.
Shower & Bath Oil
Soap-free cleansing oil.
Bio-Satin Body Lotion
Slightly perfumed, light body emulsion.
Velvet Veil Care Oil
Skin care and massage oil.
Cream Deodorant
White cream deodorant without aluminum.
Thermo Contour Complex
Cream gel with circulation stimulating effect.
Perfect Recovery Body Cream
Regeneration treatment cream for the body.
Oriental Peeling Glove
Exfoliation glove made from 70 % viscose and 30 % acetate for the body.