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Winter Foot Care Set
Christmas aromatherapy made of orange, eucalyptus, rosewood, ginger and cedarwood. Smoothes brittle, chapped skin.
»samtea« Citrus Fresh Fussbalsam
Super fresh, invigorating foot balm.
»samtea« Sensitive Silver Fussbalsam
Soft, nourishing foot balm for sensitive and diabetic feet.
»samtea« Callus Control Intensivcrème
Intense foot cream for local application to reduce the corneal layer of the skin and calluses.
»samtea« Aqua SPA Pflegeschaum
Lightweight foot care mousse with a velvety-matte soft touch finish. Multi-purpose mousse.
»samtea« Chlorophyll Active Fussbalsam
Firming and regenerating foot balm. Designed for athletes and feet with excessive perspiration.
»samtea« Sensitive Silver Fussbalsam
Nourishing foot balm which reduces cornification.
»samtea« Diabetic Plus Pflegeschaum
Soft, nourishing foot care mousse for sensitive, strained diabetic feet.
»samtea« Bio Vital Fuss Deo
Cooling, anti-bacterial foot deodorant spray which counteracts perspiration and unpleasant foot odor.