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[Acne-prone skin ]

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Linie »A« Make-up No. 2
Ein crèmiges Spezial- Make up Nummer 2 mit Farbton dunkel
Linie »A« Make-up No. 0
Foundation for acne-prone skin with a creamy texture available in three shades.
Linie »A« Lotion
Light green, alcohol-free, cooling and emollient lotion with a scent of ripe limes.
Clarity Concentrate
For specific partial treatment of acne blemishes.
Linie »A« Make-up No. 1
Ein crèmiges Spezial- Make up Nummer 1 mit Farbton mittel
A light green, skin care emulsion for day and night.
Cleansing Gel
Lime-green, lime-scented, oil-free, gentle cleansing gel.
A white, pasty mask that dries on the skin.
Clarity Duo
Practical duo for specific partial treatment and coverage of impurities.