DR.BELTER COSMETIC advertises its care lines and company in various, specialized magazines for professional users in Germany. On this page you can see a selection of topical appearances in the form of adverts, editorials, interviews and company portraits.


10 years United Kids Foundations. United Kids Foundations, the children's network of Volksbank BraWo, celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2015!


For children and young people in our region, the Children's Network of Volksbank BraWo has already achieved a lot: With more than 350 projects United Kids Foundations could sustainably improve the present and the future of more than 45,000 girls and boys. What a great reason to celebrate!

DR.BELTER Cosmetic supports the great work of the United Kids Foundations as a sponsor and expresses their congratulations for the 10th anniversary!

Find out more under  www.united-kids-foundations.de .



    GreenTec concept                                            very well maintained

organic meets high-tech                                         through the winter     


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depot-check 1                                                       depot-check 2



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       successful                                                  targeted spezialisation

family business                                                                          


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DR.BELTER COSMETIC                                  DR.BELTER Prix D'honneur

couperose in focus of attention                               de la beauté  (german)   


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Voll im Trend »ocula«                                        Voll im Trend Bio-Classica


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PROF - company portrait                                        KI Natur... article


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Messereport in KI Magazin                         Firmenportrait in

SPA & Beauty Supplier’s Guide


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