[Skin Care Sets]


DAYDREAM cleansing foam, 100 ml
DAYDREAM tonic spray, 100 ml
Eye Lift Complex, 5 ml
DR.BELTER® cosmetic pouch

DAYDREAM cleansing foam, 100 ml
DAYDREAM tonic spray, 100 ml
DERMO-RELAX Serum, 30 ml
Eye Lift Complex, 5 ml
DR.BELTER® cosmetic pouch





[skin care kit in a high-quality cosmetic pouch with DR.BELTER® Logo]

special sizes in a synthetic leather pouch with a silver Logo-Plate


Set A to meet the needs of combination/oily skin

Set B to meet the needs of normal, dry and sensitive skin


special offer for your client:
Buy 1 set and receive a DR.BELTER® cosmetic pouch for free!





[single ampoule Hy-O-Silk    »intensa«]


new formula with vegan bio-tech silk
in 2 ml singleampoule packaging



[Ampoule-Course in a magnet box    »intensa«]


The 3 – step Ampoule-Course for more vitality and visibly smooth and healthy,
glowing skin!


Step 1 – detox: Ampoule No. 4 Algae-Extract - precious marine extracts
stimulate microcirculation and support the skin’s regeneration metabolism.


Step 2 – invigorate: Ampoule No. 8 VinoTherapy OPC – grape extracts and OPC
vitalize the skin and support tightening processes in the connective
tissue and capilliary vessels.


Step 3 – boost: Ampoule No. 12 BioDynamic - the multidynamic anti-aging serum
with moisture boosters white Lotus und Instant Polymer Matrix smoothes the skin visibly and with lasting effect.


6 x 2 ml single ampoules
2 pcs per ampoule type





[seasalt & sugar scrub gift tray   »samtea«]


special size
1 x »samtea®« seasalt & sugar scrub, 145 g jar





[Eye Lift Complex – special size   »Bel-Energen«]

special size, in a 5 ml mini-jar
1 x Eye Lift Complex




Hello Spring…     [Detox! Refresh! Shake it!   »intensa«]


DR.BELTER® Shake it! Masks are powder products with immediate effect. Mixed with water, they result into a “ready-to-use” care product with a surprising, unusual textures, fragrances and magical effects.


 [Mask & Massage AquaMousse – apple stem cell   »intensa«]

crystal clear aqua mousse with moisturizing factors and apple stem cells / skin-smoothing anti-aging effect.


 [Mask & Massage CreamMousse – anti-oxidant   »intensa«]

airy-whipped mousse with strawberry extract and vitamin C / anti-oxidative protection against free radicals

 [Mask Peel-Off – Carbon D-Tox   »intensa«]


The special instant alginate mask with charcoal and detox complex / moisturizes the skin and removes toxins from skin surface.




[Ampoule Advent Calendar   »intensa«]


advent calendar with 5 little doors

With this ampoule advent calendar your skin will rejoice in a multistage intensive care program. Each advent a little door opens to reveal an exquisite beauty secret. Enjoy the extraordinary nourishing and anti-aging effects of the four active ingredient concentrates and look forward to a brilliant little surprise for the Christmas





[body & balance gift set   »samtea«]



special sizes
1x 75 ml tube [Lotus] Shower & Bath Gel
1x 75 ml tube [Bio-Satin] Body Lotion



[Ampoule No. 13 Lifting Essence   »intensa«]


2 ml single ampoule in a present box with winter design



[cleansing kit   »Bel-Energen«]


special size / miniature of original
1x 100 ml bottle DAYDREAM Cleansing Foam

1x 100 ml bottle DAYDREAM tonic spray



[NaturaVital mask   »intensa«]


40 ml tube special size NaturaVital mask
in a red organza-bag with DR.BELTER® logo-satin ribbon



[winter present voucher »NEU«]

A winter design voucher with DR.BELTER logo is available.



[Derm-A-ReNew AHA OleoSerum 10%    »intensa«]

»intensa« skin renewal oleo serum 10%



[Cryogenic Peel-Off Mask     Linie »A«]





[display background christmas A4     »intensa«]

»intensa« christmas


[advertising material     »Bel-Energen«]

load:  download PDF 4,19 MB 



[hydro-massage-powder     »Bel-Energen«]

The pure powder with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C offers a unique



[Lumination Secret radiance performance peel-off mask     »Bel-Energen«]

Whitening peel-off mask on alginate base.Rubber-like, formative mask.
Salon size: 5 sachets with 30g powder. Suitable for any skin type lacking radiance.

Ref. No. 0776

[advertising material     »Bel-Energen«]



DR.BELTER® COSMETIC >>Bel-Energen<<  advertising material:  download PDF 4,09 MB 




[winter present voucher  »NEW«]

A new Christmas design voucher with silver-shining DR.BELTER logo is available for our german customers from now on.

Ref. No. V083a


[winter present voucher]

A Christmas design voucher with silver-shining DR.BELTER logo is available for our german customers from now on.

Ref. No. V083



[present vouchers]

Ref. No. V087



Ref. No. V006



Ref. No. V086



[NEW winter set  »Bio-Classica«]


retail size items in a present box with gift-design

125 ml Flasche Velvety Cream Cleanser
125 ml Flasche Fresh Blossomy Tensum
50 ml Day & Night special cream
5 x 2 ml Ampulle Nr. 16 Hyaluronic Factor 5



[set     »samtea body & balance«]



The DR.BELTER samtea body & balance gift set contains Bio-Satin Body Lotion and Cream Deodorant. Both products enjoy great popularity and have the same delicate scent.



Retail sizes in a gift design present box.   Ref. No. S604




[set     »Bel-Energen«]



The DR.BELTER Bel-Energen gift set contains the Daydream Cleansing Foam 50 ml, 2 Dermo-Relax dropper bottles with 4ml each, and the finest of all DR.BELTER Crèams - Expertise 30.



Retail sizes in a winter design present box.



[NEW ampoule No. 11 Caviar-Oligomer   »intensa«]


2 ml ampoule in a present box with winter design



[NEW Lotus Shower & Bath Gel Crystal Edition   »samtea body & balance«]


75 ml bottle; Crystal Edition with pearleffect in a silver organza-bag

with DR.BELTER logo-satinband



[NEW  Cleansing Oil and Tonic set   »stimula«]


100 ml bottle; Nobless Cleansing Oil
100 ml bottle; Nobless Fresh Tonic in ziplock-bag




[Massagebalm Sheabutter & Baobab   »intensa«]


Premium, delicately melting massage balm.

All natural formula with squalene from olives, organic baobab and almond oil, jojoba oil, sheabutter, sunflower wax and carrot extract. Hydrophilic and free of mineral and silicone oils.




[lava shell massage   »samtea body & balance«]




Hot stone was yesterday!








Today’s generation of wellness-lovers is fascinated by the DR.BELTER® Oceanic Lava Shell treatment.



This new body treatment uses self-heating,

warm venus-shells as a massage tool to perform the DR.BELTER®





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[Enzyme Peeling Powder   »intensa«]



Peeling without abrasive particles
Salon size: 250g jar


Ref. No. 0571.

















[Couperosis Peel-Off-Mask]


Alginate Powder/ Peel-Off-Mask only for salon use. Ref. No. 0360


For professional use only  soothing powder mask

normative mask enriched with active ingredients

bag with 5 sachets, á 30 g powder


ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS: Alginates, grape extracts, butcher's broom, rice starch


»sensi-bel« Peel-Off Mask:
moisturizing, cooling, calming, firming, strengthens the vessel function, easy application – striking effect, does not contain any preservatives



[natural healing clay – mineral mask]




A powder mineral- and chalk »intensa« mixture. Mixed with water it develops into a lightweight, slightly  foamy, odourless paste which can be used as a deep-cleansing-mask, peeling or body wrap.


Available as salon size under Ref. No. 0570, 500g jar.











KEY INGREDIENTS: German healing clay, Rügen island chalk, kaolin, sea salt, starch