New   DR.BELTER®   deco    [»Lash Perfector Mascara«]

The new Lash Perfector Mascara – Onyx Black for expressive eyes

-xtracurl rubber brush – maximum lash contact
-creates a spectacular fanlike effect
-3D-texturing complex for extra long lashes and defined volume
-contains nourishing components such as hyaluronic acid and rice wax
-silky texture – repeated application without clumping
-free of parabens
-top quality - made in Germany




[Clarity Duo     Line »A«]

Line »A« Clarity Duo



[MULTIBENEFIT CB - colour balm 15     »intensa«]

»intensa« Multifunctional colour balm with natural moisturizing factors, precious biological lipids and selected anti-aging actives



[Derm-A-ReNew AHA Fluid 10%    »intensa«]

»intensa« A light emulsion with a special composition of natural fruit acids.



[(SPF 30) Face Elixir / high protection    »sun«]


This protective concentrate for the face protects sensitive skin from sunburn and other harmful effects of the sun.


[Crème Deodorant     »samtea«]

NEW: samtea cream deodorant is now completely free of aluminium salt. The special plant-extract-complex from currant, sage, clove and beard moss works against body odour, is antiseptic and mildly sweat-inhibiting.


[SOLID bio MATRIX – active agent VITAL C – yellow     »intensa«]

- anti-aging, revitalization, even complexion, radiance

- suitable for all skin types


- anti-oxidant effect against free radicals
- inhibits production of melanin
- supports the skin’s own regenerative capabilities
- stimulates the formation of collagen
- suitable for hyperpigmentation treatments

[Next Generation     »Bel-Energen«]

– all products with natural ingredients from organic origin – with detox phytopeptide Belisome®AP in all care products

» Bel-Energen « is the top performance care line of DR.BELTER® COSMETIC. It offers anti-aging products and treatments for women who wish to have both: natural care with organic ingredients and highly effective, innovative actives.

Carefully selected high-tech components such as the biomimetic DLS, patented peptides, Antarcticine® and FreshCells™ are combined with proven herbal extracts to deliver visible care results. All products are free of mineral and silicone oils and parabens.

Four product groups offer their advanced benefits to the skin, each comprising a cream, a concentrate and a special treatment:


isoflavone replumping care for increased skin firmness


care with special focus on the reduction of expression wrinkles


[Caviar Arctica Balance]
revitalizing repair and protection care


[Lumination Secret]
brightening care for the reduction of undesired pigmentation






Whenever the skin longs for a beauty- impulse and the soul longs for relaxation, the »intensa« masks are the perfect choice. Discover exceptionally pleasant masks, in which effectiveness and well-being harmoniously fuse together.


95-100% natural ingredients
with plant actives in organic quality
patented ingredients – visible effects
free of mineral- and silicone oils
free of PEG and paragons



[Quickstart Gel Wash  »MAN«]









soap-free gel cleanser with mild abrasive particles
fresh-kick formula with Quest-Ice effect, anti-irritant
retail size: 200ml flat tube





Ref. No. 857







[purifying mask   »intensa«]


This creamy express mask with natural clay is a beauty stimulus for a healthy and radiant complexion.


It instantly develops its clearing and purifying activity. After this treat the skin is as fresh as the dew and looks visibly refined.


Applied in the morning, the skin is fit for a beautiful new day. Applied in the evening, the skin is freed from the pollutants of the day.


Ref. No. 500

















The new »sensi-bel« product formulas have been developed to treat skin with fragile

capillaries,erythema and teleangictasis (visible dilated vessels. Selected medicinal plant extracts have been combined with the latest patented actives to visibly improve this skin type.

24 h. moisturizer     [Couperosis Hydroprotective Cream]


extra care premium pyhto-concentrate     [Couperosis Serum]


greenish compact protection and covering cream     [Couperosis mask]


complexion optimizing – cream mask      [Couperosis Packung]






In this spring we dedicate ourselves to specialised eye care with a relaunched »ocula« line.


- new packagings
- revised formulas with interesting new actives.
- new product concept: Make-up Remover eyes & lips duo.
- a new poster, new adverts, new counter top display background.


[CONCENTRA PEN     »Bel-Energen«]


The Concentra Pen from the Expertise 30 Set is now separately available. The roll-on applicator pen is used to intensively work in the Argireline peptide and hyaluronic acid concentrate, especially targeting expression wrinkless. The serum is directly applied onto lines and wrinkles using soft circular motions. Ref. No. 770


[SENSITIVE SILK GEL     »intensa«]


Separate "sensitive silk gel".   Ref. No. 0721




[EXPERTISE 30 SET    »Bel-Energen«]


THE DBC EXPERTISE 30 Set is a two-step care system. It consists of the Concentra Pen with a stainless steel application ball tip and the Expertise 30 cream.

EXPERTISE 30 combines patented, innovative active ingredients with natural plant extracts well-proven in naturopathy to specifically counteract every aspect of physiological skin aging. The 10 best active ingredients of our time unite to give the skin total comfort and exceptional care results. The spectrum of beneficial effects includes:


-reducing expression wrinkles
-improving skin tone by dermal density enhancement
-boosting and retaining moisture
-promoting evenness
-revitalising cell metabolism


EXPERTISE 30 reveals the skin’s natural beauty and radiance.


[AQUA SILK 24   »Bio-Classica«]


AquaSilk 24 is a day and night moisturizer. It offers ample moisture and biological active ingredients delivering healthy and radiant skin. This vitalizing formula with silk and hyaluronic acid neutralizes minor metabolic deficits, counteracts skin aging process and protects the skin from environmental influences. The skin regains freshness and evenness while feeling comfortable and silky.



[new care products   »sun«]


The new DR.BELTER »sun« – care products are developed on the basis of the latest scientific knowledge to ensure effective protection and optimal care properties. The preparations are extremely kind to the skin and have a gentle, non-sticky consistency that is easy to apply. Used properly, the result will be a healthy, radiant tan.


The DR.BELTER® COSMETIC Sun Protection products protect sensitive skin from sunburn and other harmful effects of the sun. The non-greasy formulas use proven UVA & UVB protection ingredients and are free of colorants and fragrance. Key features are:


- the natural product basis with DMS - free of mineral oils
- free of emulsifiers
- dual protection system: UVA & UVB filters + natural cell protection complex
- no colorants or fragrances
- soothing and anti-irritative actives
- sun damage and photo-aging protection actives

The two DR.BELTER® COSMETIC AfterSun products are a source of well-being for the skin after sun-exposure. They soothe, rehydrate and offer the skin precious, natural actives. The specific composition promotes cellular repair and regeneration while effectively preventing photo-aging processes.