Treatment variety & optimal care results  


As no other in the cosmetic sphere, the professional beauty therapist personally answers for the quality and effect of his/ her treatment concepts. Visible and tangible results speak for themselves. Consequently the demands in quality are high. DR.BELTER COSMETIC has always been dedicated to meeting these special demands.


The products of the different care lines are designed to be so compatible to each other that they can be combined freely. This allows composing personalized and ever new treatments. The treatments can be organized around various topics. The following is a list of treatments that are described in our treatment manual:

Classic - Treatments

Vitamin Treatment
Aloe Vera Treatment
Thalasso-Caviar Treatment
Stabilisation Treatment
Sea Algae Treatment
Vine Treatment
Vitamin E Treatment
Caviar Express
Caviar Deluxe

Special - Treatments

Hyaluronic acid / Silk Treatment
Phyto-Sensation Anti-Aging Treatment
Anti-Wrinkle Dermo-Relax Treatment


MAN Regeneration Treatment
MAN SPA Treatment


Collagen Fleece-Soft Lifting Mask with Vitamins - Treatment
Collagen Fleece-Soft Lifting Mask with Belisome - Treatment
Solid-bio-Matrix Ginkgo Biloba - Treatment
Solid-bio-Matrix Aloe Vera - Treatment


Caviar Balance Deluxe Treatment


Man Treatments


Problem Skin - Treatments

Line “A” Treatment
Couperose Treatment
Hyper Sensitive Treatment
Seborrhoe Sicca Treatment

Method Inspiration


The care range »samtea body & balance« enables sensual and holistic wellness rituals. The massage-focussed method »Inspiration« unites intercultural ideas and techniques with the experience and principles of DR.BELTER COSMETIC. Elements of European massage, Hawaiian Body Work and far eastern massage fuse into an exceptional ritual for well-being and inner balance.

Contouring Method
for body treatments


T 5 Step salon method against slack tissue and cellulite. The firming and activating treatment includes special massage techniques, products and parallel home care.