With the »stimula®« products, mature and listless skin receives multidynamic anti-aging care. Precious plant lipids are composed to deliver extraordinary suppleness. The advanced promedical actives, such as isoflavones, Belisome® Aqua, Camelia Japonica, Retinol, Neurobiox® and hyaluronic acid spheres, are used to comprehensively revitalize prematurely-aged skin.

The cell reviving product formulas together with the professional treatment concepts stimulate visible skin rejuvenation.

The silky, rich textures, alongside the new White Lotus essences, deliver an exquisite, sensual experience. Three care groups, each comprising of a multiactive concentrate, a regenerating cream and special treatment cover different skin needs and conditions.

Our line appears with a new precious look in rose-gold colors. All products have been adapted to the GreenTec concept. Therefore, all formulations with phyto-extracts are sourced from controlled organic cultivation.

In addition to that we added highly effective promedical active-ingredients. Switching to vegan formulations and a consequential avoidance of palm oil are additional pioneering quality factors.

You can find new, award-winning active ingredients such as Belisome® Aqua and Belisome® EGF in all products of »stimula®«. The high-quality packaging, partly in airless dispensers reflects the specific content in an appealing look.


»stimula®« is now divided into three groups, each with a 24 hour care and a corresponding concentrate:



Group BIODYNAMIC is completely new and includes a rich eye-care product. Superior Night Care can be combined with all products of the line. In addition to that we provide you again with great treatment protocols based on all groups.






  1. Nobless Cleansing Milk is a gentle cleansing emulsion with a soothing complex, Abyssinian omega oil and isoflavones from Irises. Pleasantly mild to the skin, it combines thorough cleansing properties to precious ingredients providing an exquisite experience of freshness.



  1. This hydrophilic cleansing oil gently purifies the skin without drying it out. Precious botanic oils such as Abyssinian omega oil, Chia seed oil and Aloe Vera oil extract develop their natural grooming effects, leaving a feeling of freshness and purity.


Nobless Fresh Tonic is a revitalizing toner with hydro-complex, Camelia Japonica extract and isoflavones from Irises. It perfects the cleansing process and rebalances the skin’s pH level while optimally preparing the skin for the following care products.



This multiactive serum uses the highly innovative Belisome® Aqua to boost cellular hydration. Expert anti-aging actives such as Neurobiox®, Isoflavones, phyto stem-cells and resveratrol develop a strongly revitalizing spectrum of effects leaving the skin taut and fresh. A fine dose of glow-pigments reflect the light for a more even and radiant complexion.



This advanced moisturizer revives the skin with precious vegetal oils, bioactive plant extracts and vinotherapy actives, such as phyto stem-cells from grapes and resveratrol. The formula stimulates the self-renewal activity of the skin while giving the best possible protection against UV-induced skin aging. Its smoothing texture with light-reflecting pigments leaves the skin with a matte, radiant finish.



This concentrated super rich fluid provides the extraordinary car-ing properties of a top selection of natural lipids to very dry and demanding skin. An advanced combination of expert actives, such as vitamin A, isoflavones, phyto stem-cells and white Lotus is employed to visibly diminish the signs of aging. The creamy emulsion can be used as daily care or as an addition underneath any day or night cream.




This exceptionally rich 24-hour cream is formulated to stimulate skin regeneration and to balance out deficits caused by the slow-down of the metabolism. Cream BioResource 24 restores the skin’s balance through the specific supply of expert actives such as vitamin A, hyaluronic acid spheres, Ginseng and isoflavones. The result is firm, fresh skin – a feeling one can’t go without.



The sumptuous oleo gel nourishes very dry skin with a selection of precious oils, such as Abyssinian omega oil and lipidic extracts of argan, pomegranate seeds and wild yam. Top anti-aging actives such as Belisome® EGF, Astaxanthin and Neurobiox® unfold their advanced physiological effects on the skin. As a supplement underneath daily care, it leaves the skin soft and extraordinarily supple.



With this contouring cream, demanding skin receives multidynamic anti-aging care. Precious biomimetic lipids, Cupuacu butter and Abyssinian omega oil effortlessly melt into the skin making it incomparably soft and silky. The cell-reviving active ingredient combination with isoflavones, Belisome® EGF, vitamin A and hyaluronic acid spheres is composed to deliver skin that feels and looks firmer, plumper and more radiant.



Rich, regenerating eye care for demanding skin. Smoothing peptides, hyaluronic acid and Liftonin®-Xpress develop their anti-wrinkle effect. The skin looks firmer, plumper and more radiant. Discover a redefined eye contour and a unique velvety finish – a feeling one doesn’t want to miss anymore. This product is a rich and yet ideal basis for concealers and long-lasting eye-make-up.



The silky replenishing cream moisturizes the skin and stimulates night time regeneration processes. The special composition of expert actives such as Belisome® Aqua, isoflavones, vitamin C-spheres and protective complex and counteracts the negative effects of environmentally-induced, premature skin aging. The skin awakens rested, firm and fresh – fit for a new day.