Wellness – Beauty - Balance. With today’s accelerated lifestyle it has become even more important to interrupt the work pattern and the hectic fast pace and withdraw and take time for oneself. Allow yourself these important moments of relaxation and restoration in everyday life to find your personal balance. For these moments the »samtea body & balance« offers sensual and effective holistic care.


DR.BELTER® COSMETIC draws from a variety of nature and uses domestic as well as exotic active ingredients to provide effective, holistic care concepts for spas and home care, e.g. Marine active substances, silk powder, aromatherapy elements, fruit and botanic extracts, herbs, biotechnological ingredients…
Holistic does not mean only considering the human being with all of his facets, but also combining scientifically demanding formulas with the sensual wellness concept for an integral whole.


»samtea body & balance« body care line gives exceptional wellness simply because it is so seductive and pleasant that you will regularly take the time to devote to yourself and to your body.





  1. This peeling glove is traditionally used in the Moroccan Hammam (thermal bath) for the deep cleansing rubbing down ritual after the steam bath. Also after bathing, while showering or in the sauna it reveals its effect. It frees the skin from any unevenness and stimulates the blood circulation. The skin’s profile is tangibly refined and the absorption of subsequent care is improved. This application leaves a fascinating smoothness.


For professional use only ! [PHYTO CLEANSING LOTION]

In combination with the Oriental Peeling Glove, this fresh lotion offers a peeling treatment without annoying abrasive particles during professional application. The Phyto Cleansing Lotion is especially designed for soaking the Oriental Peeling Glove, thus making it ready for application. It is also recommended for uncomplicated cleansing between any of the treatment steps. Botanic soothing components prevent skin irritation.



This aromatic balmy body scrub, frees the skin from any unevenness and helps it to achieve a smooth fresh- looking complexion. The innovative formula with caring oils such as Avocado Oil or Sasanqua Oil does not dry the skin out and offers optimum spreading properties. It removes dull and dead skin cells, refines the skin’s surface and improves the absorption of following care. Vitalising Lemon and Mango aroma essences make its usage a pleasurable body experience.

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Every day we long for purity, freshness and relaxation. This blossomy Gel Composition with Lotus essence is a tender wake-up kiss for the skin. Especially in the ancient Egyptian Culture the Lotus flower is a symbol and elixir of vitality. In this formula it combines with various herbal extracts to create a mildly reviving wellness cleanser.



The tenderest form of a cleansing ritual. This silky-soft oil cleanses your skin without drying it out. Added to a hand or foot bath it gives moments of rest and diminishes irritations. Refreshing aromas and extracts release their full caring potential, leaving a pleasant feeling of purity and relaxation.



A pleasantly silky emulsion. It balances the effects moisture loss in the skin and provides nourishing, vitalising elements. High quantities of caring components, such as sesame oil, marigold and konjac-mannane combine to pamper your skin. A touch of silk powder makes the skin look more radiant and even. Used regularly, Bio-Satin Body Lotion visibly improves your skin’s texture. The result is silky smooth skin in which you simply feel good.



Enjoy moments of care and relaxation with this balmy soft body care oil. Selected exotic oils and phyto-extracts form the basis for an effective and sensual body experience. Applied on the damp skin after bath and shower, it spontaneously forms a pleasant emulsion that is fully absorbed by the skin. This hydrophilic multi-talent is also suitable as a caring bath water additive or massage oil. Dry and rough body skin is caressed by velvety smooth care.



This mild emulsion with natural Farnesol and a sugar compound gives reliable protection and freshness for the whole day. Gentle, soft and safe, without alcohol and colorants.



The product is intended for application in the case of cellulite and slack skin tissue. A variety of biological substances is applied to activate the skin tissue. Caffeine, algae oyster shell and sea mud extract, carnitine, plant extracts from mimosa tenuiflora, ginkgo biloba and ruscus aculeatus ensure increased circulation, which is vital for detoxification, lipo metabolism and refinement of the skin structure. The combination of these active substance culminates in the thermoactive phase of this application. Successful treatment of cellulite-affected or endangered areas can only be achieved with daily intensive application.



Apart from genetic disposition the body’s skin is especially subjected to various strains, such as:


-frequent weight loss and gain
-skin expansion during pregnancy
-lack of care
-hormonal load on the connective tissue (contraceptives)
-unbalanced nutrition


Perfect Recovery Body Cream purposefully counteracts the effects of those strains. The strengthening and intensive temporary treatment, restores the elasticity and firmness of particular body areas demanding extra care. The interaction its of precious ingredients result in restructuring of the treated areas. The result is visibly smooth, refined and firmed skin. The body obtains new vitality and tonus.


For professional use only ! [LIPO-ACTIVATOR]

A concentrate containing highly dosed active substances. It holds a key position within the DR.BELTER® COSMETIC Problem Area Treatment. Due to the ingredient composition, the detoxification and fat breakdown metabolism is intensively activated.


For professional use only ! [THERMO GUARANA PEEL-OFF MASK]

This body mask for firming and cellulite treatments is a professional application with exceptional effects. It is enriched with the heat-building ingredient Methyl-Nicotinate as well as Guarana and various Algae extracts. Their interplay promotes increased detoxification and supports feat breakdown metabolism. The occlusive effect of the alginate benefits the absorption of all of its ingredients. The essential oils of rosemary and lemon are allowed to easily develop their pleasant potential.



The Massage is at the heart of every wellness programme. It is the most personal and precious way of giving well-being feeling. Massage offers a wonderful option to pamper body and soul, let positive energies flow, diminishing stress and warding off exhaustion and tiredness.
DR.BELTER® COSMETIC offers products for a varied and personalised massage programme. You have the choice between:


  1. Wellness Massage with Massage milk and Active Essences  


For professional use only ! [BASIS MASSAGE MILK]

Massage milk without fragrance and colorants, base product to be mixed with essences.


For professional use only ! [THALASSO ESSENCE]

Firming, mineralizing, invigorating, slightly moisturizing, stimulates blood circulation, unisex application.


For professional use only ! [ENERGY ESSENCE]

Refreshing natural mint aroma, revitalizing, a traditional component in the Oriental Hammam, smoothing and caring, rebuilding.


For professional use only ! [CHOCO-RELAX ESSENCE]

Harmonizing, soothing, caring.


  2. Wellness Massage with Massage Oil and Essential Oil Mixtures  


For professional use only ! [BASIC MASSAGE OIL]

Light massage oil, base product to be mixed with essential oils.


100% pure natural essential oils:


For professional use only ! [NATUR VITAL AROMA]

Invigorating, reinforcing, supports ability to concentrate, emotionally elevating, slightly resinous.


For professional use only ! [CITRUS FRESH AROMA]

Refreshing, invigorating, conveys thirst for action and optimism, positively influences the immune system.


For professional use only ! [AYURVEDA HARMONY AROMA]

Harmonizing, balancing to harmonize the three Doshas of life.


Body care becomes wellness care, simply when it is so seductive and pleasant that users regularly devote time for caring for their body.

For these moments »samtea body & balance« does not only offer sensual, holistic care, but also preparations with a high level of effectiveness.