Skincare for men is no longer a necessity, but expression of a new body consciousness and positive awareness of life. Care products which are formulated to suit the needs of men are simply a must-have. The DR.BELTER®-»MAN« line offers specific care for demanding male skin.


The scientifically well-founded product formulas consider the special needs and properties of male skin. They counteract the effects of frequent shaving, stress load, pollution, and the natural aging process. The preparations provide the skin with moisture and effective active ingredients. The skin is optimally cared for and radiates vitality.





[DYNAMIC BALM] xtra fresh

  1. Refreshing care balm with bioactive complexes. Specific formula for male skin:

  2. non-stop moisture and energy supply
    maximum razor burn soothing action
    multi-active anti-stress ingredients
    protection from environmental damage
    fresh, non-greasy consistency


[COMFORT CREAM] xtra mild

Anti-aging cream with bioactive ingredients. Special formula for male skin:

moisture and energy non-stop
maximum razor burn soothing action
powerful anti-aging effects
cellular energy and anti-stress complexes
minimizes and prevents expression wrinkles
protective factors counteract pollution
is immediately absorbed - matte finish



Bioactive eye care. Specific formula for male skin:

moisture and effective complexes
reduces puffiness
minimizes wrinkles-toning
reflecting pigments optically smooth wrinkles



Efficient facial cleansing formula for male skin:


cooling, soap-free gel cleanser
mild abrasive particles optimize cleansing effect
freshness kick formula with Quest-Ice effect
instant skin sensation: fresh, clean and free
with hydroactive plant complex
soothing, anti-irritant
prevents inflammation
fresh, mild scent



This marine blue thorough and yet mild gel cleanser for hair and body conveys a pleasant feeling of purity and freshness. Dynamic and masculine is the scent, selected plant extracts, like Bamboo and Guarana provide energy and vitality. The skin simply feels clean, fresh and free.



Hand and body care designed to suit the physiology of male skin. The non-greasy formula balances the effects of moisture loss in the skin and provides nourishing, energizing elements.


For professional use only ! [ANTI-STRESS MASK]

Peel-off mask with aroma of lavender and rosemary relaxing, calming intensively moisturizing smoothes and refines the skins profile soothing, slightly cooling occlusive effect easy application – striking effect does not contain any preservatives.

Special treatment formative mask enriched with active ingredients is to be mixed with water and forms a rubber-like peel-off mask 30g powder in a sachet - 5 sachets / box
essential ingredients: Alginate, Olive oil, Oil of Lavendar, Oil of Rosmary